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  1. I have had the privilege of hearing this sermon presented by Max McClean at a Ligonier Conference a few years back. If you will permit me, I will share some of what God was doing in me at the time.

    I had just lost my Dad a few months prior. It was a very sudden thing. He drowned while operating a Bobcat…which is a front end loader. He had sold them for over 35 years and was very experienced on them, yet God in his soveriengty took my Dad on a Decemeber evening in 2003.

    My Dad had changed over the previous months. He had remarried only 10 months after my Mom’s death. The woman he married brought out the worst in my Dad. He was an angry man…and she fed that anger.

    To make a very long story short…at least shorter, the last time I had seen my Dad he had treated me terribly. His new wife had succeded in twisting my Dad’s mind. Over the previous 3 1/2 years she had succeded in convincing my Dad that his children did not love him, but only wanted his money. I was the last one he turned on. None of this was true at all…and after his death it became very clear that it was her that was after his money…and he had basically given most of it to her in changes in His will just months before His death. I had learned that he was going to give it all to her…and the documents were sitting in the attorney’s office waiting to be signed when he was taken by God.

    Now there are very little words to describe how deeply this hurt a daughter that had done everything in her power to honor her father all of his days on earth. I was crushed to say the least. And about the time that the Ligonier conference came along….I was seething with anger…and I thought it was righteous anger. After all….God would take vengence on him. I sat there in that conference and was so deeply shaken to the core, as I thought of how much I desired for God to punish my Dad…for his sins against his children. I was sure he could not have been saved….and My Heavenly Father…who DID love me would see to it he got what was coming. I was moved to violent tears. I was crying uncontrollably as I listened to what I had wished upon my Dad. I realized for the first time…I needed to forgive him. And I began the process then. I have no idea where my Dad stood before God. I just know this…I take no pleasure at all in the eternal punishment and wrath of God falling on him…or anyone else for that matter. Hell is real. God’s wrath is real. As long as there is a breath in a person…there is hope…and we must pray for God to lead them to understanding of their condition before Him.

    All believers need to read this sermon! It is also available on CD from Ligonier Ministries.

    thanks for posting it Miguel!

  2. Thanks! That unprocessed anger will consume us! God’s mercies are great though. Forgiving your father released you from the bondage of that unforgiveness. You released him from that debt. God used that sermon to reveal his sovereignty over all things and His perfect justice will be complete in His timing.

    I would really like to get that CD. The lady I talk with at Ligonier Ministries told me that when Max “preached” this sermon at R.C.’s church that at the end the silence in the auditorium could be cut with a knife. She told me that she wept through the whole thing. I think we really need another Jonathan Edwards to stand before this coming darkness with the truth of God’s wrath. Our preachers (not your husband) are too cowardly to preach the REAL Gospel.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  3. Thanks for bringing this historic sermon to reality again for us Mike. I went in a business trip back in March and I always toss small things to read in my bags when I travel. I read this sermon in a little booklet form, and went through many of the same emotions. This IS what we need today in the churches. Reform from the heart, in recognizing that God, in his Almight and Amazing Love, saved us from the wrath, of Him! Amen!


  4. Thanks Tony. There is a misconception in the body of Christ that sermons like this are legalistic, put people into bondage to fear and drive others away. However, what it really does is open our hearts to the working of the Holy Spirit. All good preaching does that. I really like to listen to R.C. Sproul, Matthew McMahon and John Piper because they preach expositionally and never compromise. There is way too much feel good preaching going on out there.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  5. Amen brother. I concur wholeheartedly. Telling the truth is never legalistic or fear-mongering. It might hurt your feelings or dampen your emotional stability for me to yell at you in order to warn you of the truck that is about to hit you, but if it prevents you from getting hit, you’ll be better off.

    Certainly we should be nice and not legalist, nor fear-mongering in our delivery of the message, but if the message has a fearful component to it, we must not use that desire to prevent us from telling it like it is. Hell IS real, and it must be stated; in love of course. These types of sermons are absolutely needed in our day as well.

    I think I’ll put it on my blog soon too.

  6. There has to be a reason why so many are focusing on this sermon now. God is drawing us back to this form of preaching. We need it. He is cleansing His remanant. I can’t think of a message that better shines the light of His judgement into our dark hearts than this one. Let me know when you post it Tony. I can’t wait to see the comments you will get.:-)

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

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