The Bleeding of the Evangelical Church

by Mike Ratliff

Without a doubt, God is in the process of cleansing His Church. There is a very visible division becoming more and more apparent, to the discerning Christian, between the counterfeit church and the genuine Church bought by the blood of Jesus.

In many cases the differences between the two are subltle. However, there are also glaring and distinct differences. The article, The Bleeding of the Evangelical Church, traces the history of this division as well as its causes. Please prayerfully read it and have a blessed weekend and Lord’s Day.
In Christ

Mike Ratliff

5 thoughts on “The Bleeding of the Evangelical Church

  1. Mike, good post! Last year as I was praying and seeking the Lord about how bad it has really gotten, I heard the Lord speak to my heart and say, “It’s worse than you could imagine”. We all were born into an already compromised situation, so against the backdrop of Scripture and church history, the modern evangelical church is no longer even evangelical! PTL-Rick

  2. Thanks Rick,

    Yes, it’s bad. I had no idea how bad until my own church started becoming pragmatic. Humanism is an incidious creeping infection and is the root of all compromise. I am without a church now. I am looking, but it really looks bleak here in the KC area. Please pray for me and my wife to find the Church God has for us.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  3. Thanks for that Link, Mike!

    Church is an issue with me as well. I spent 10 years of my early adulthood in a cult ( Herbert W. Armstrong ) and when I found out the truth of the betrayal there I was devastated. I spent the next ten years wandering around in the wilderness.

    Then after that, God healed me of all depression and I decided to go back to church. The first church I tried was a denomination, which I won’t name, but the Pastor frequently used guilt tactics and he was very much into image, wore the best suits, had coiffed hair, he just carried himself in a less than humble manner, I didn’t feel comfortable there and so I left.

    Then I tried a “come as you are” seeker friendly church. Very large church. The pastor was just as friendly, genuine, and down to earth as can be. The atmosphere was very laid back, and I liked that, as I hate pretenses. Unfortunately, the more I went the more the focus was on “the building fund” and “small groups” . After all that, there remained very little time for an actual sermon and they were pablum.
    I felt starved for meat there and so I stopped going.

    Just a week ago, I attempted to apply to a theological seminary and was rejected because I am “unchurched”.

    I keep asking God, surely, there must be some church that loves the truth and that loves to worship you in purity?

    I am looking, myself, and I will pray for you and your wife and ask the same of you for me.

    In Him,
    Terri Lynn

  4. This keeps coming up. It is so sad. Compromise has created a church culture here that is completely flesh oriented. It is man-focused. It is humanistic Christianity. It is nearly impossible to find an uncompromised church. That is why we are the Remnant. I don't know what to do other than pray and remain in the Vine. Thanks for your comment and prayers Terri Lynn and I will pray for you as well.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  5. Mike

    Back on line trying to catch up.

    I came across this article a while ago and was inspired by it. I had many of these concerns, but I really liked the way the author explained it. He made the issue tangible.

    It is sad that this is an issue we christians must face, but then again God said this would be the case. There will be more and more persecution to come our way and not just from the world. Seems many of our “Christian” brothers will be taking up the lead in an attempt to silence the real truth. It is humbling to see God’s prophesies come to fruition.

  6. Yes, it is sad Nathan. However, I think God uses these issues to build up the genuinie Church. In that I mean in Christ not necessarily in numbers. Thanks for the great comment and I glad to see you back.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

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