“The Long Winter of Our Discontent”- Rev. Charles R. Biggs

Contentment is that nebulous condition with which most Americans freely admit they are completely unacquainted. Sadly, most American Christians fall into this lack of contentment as well. This missive by the Rev. Charles R. Biggs gives us the biblical explaination of Christian contentment. Please prayerfully read it.

2 thoughts on ““The Long Winter of Our Discontent”- Rev. Charles R. Biggs

  1. This is a good message. While I was reading it I was reminded of the persecuted church. I always knew the passage that God supplies our every need, but I always wonder to God why those in the prisons were starving. I didn’t ask Him in defiance but more in a way to teach me the meaning because I didn’t obviously understand that passage since this was happening. I think I understand it better now, and I will ask you to correct me if I am wrong. When Paul says that in EVERY situation he has learned to be content, could that mean even actual hunger or exposure to the elements? Does this then mean that he has learned to do without and so his needs are less and God does meet those “lower classed” needs? For example, here in America we “require” 3 meals and snacks in-between, otherwise, I personally feel faint as though my blood sugar in crashing :o) wimpy I know! In other countries, they “require” less food than I because that is what their bodies are used to. Obviously, there are people who starve to death and I’m not talking of those or even the malnutrition who cannot function. I’m just trying to understand this verse in relation to the persecuted church. God always meets my needs over and above, but when my turn for persecution comes I want to stand on this promise with confidence and understanding.


  2. When people claim that they can do all things through Christ who strenthens them, yet they are doing everything by their own abilities it amounts to no more than hypocrisy. Paul was talking about being content no matter what his circumstances. This is the epitomy of outward focusedness. What I mean is if we are self-focused in all things then we can’t be content. God has to empower us to be outwardly focused with our primary focus on Him. The only time the Spirit-led Christian should be inwardly focused is in self-examination.

    Great comment Sarah

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff


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