The Emerging Church

Discernment is a vital part of being effective Christians. We are not to passively cooexist with heresy. Please read this missive by Gary E. Gilley about the reality that is the Emergent Church.

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  1. If you notice Dan Kimball himself left a lucid, and seemingly orthodox comment that disputes some of Gilley’s representations about the Emergent movement. Slippery again! But I am concerned about us being content with “holding the fort”. We seem more and more on the counter punch rather than the all out Spiritual assault to further God’s kingdom by His power. This kind comes forth but by prayer and fasting. In the coming years it will become easier and easier to point out the blatent heresy from all kinds of movements, and in so doing if we continue on the same path we will never return to the days of seeking Him in prayer, fasting, surrender, and revival that will change us and reach the poor unsuspecting souls that the Emergents will waste.


  2. Just holding the fort portrays the idea that evil is more powerful than Who we serve. Truth via the Word of God is our weapon empowered by prayer. We must speak the truth and never give guarter to lies and false views of God and Man. Is it costly to do this? Yes, in the world’s eyes it is and it is to our flesh and natural man. However, losing this life for Christ’s sake gains us treasure in Heaven. I say let’s not give in to this flood of lies. Yes, we must fast and pray and speak the truth.

    Great Comment Rick

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff


  3. I do find it amusing (probably because I’m self-righteous…) that Steve’s blog posted a good post yet his blog has some of the things of this world. “Come out and be separate” Doesn’t say a little or a lot but all the way. It’s hard for us to do…dying to self…taking up one’s cross etc. I wonder how we’ll do when persecution comes knocking on our (my) door? God’s grace is sufficient for us…thank our heavenly Father!


  4. I do very much so! It’s hard for me to do the little dying to self that I do now much less great suffering that will come. God promises not to give us more than we can handle and in that promise and can have some peace…it’s still going to be suffering though.


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