A Tough Nut to Crack

I don’t think there is any harder nut to crack than a person who has some understanding of doctrine, but is mired in Human Reason. About two months ago, my time at the local church I belonged to came to an end. I had been praying for well over a year that God would show me if I was to stay there or leave. The answer came that it was time to leave and I left. Why did God take away my affection for that particular church? I didn’t leave because I was angry with anyone or anything like that. For about 13 months I had observed God driving a wedge between me and the leadership at that church. That wedge began very small and grew very large. It began when God opened my eyes to Reformed Theology as I researched my third book. There was already some tension between my pastor and me because of my first two books. I never figured out why. However, as I became Reformed in my theology I naturally discussed this with him and some of the other deacons. Continue reading