Charles Spurgeon Quote

“Christ will be everything, or else he will be nothing. You must be saved wholly by mercy, or else not at all. There must not be even a trace of the fingers of self-righteousness on the acts and documents of divine grace.”

One thought on “Charles Spurgeon Quote

  1. Who among us was searching before the Spirit’s bidding? Spiritual interest in Jesus is not in us, it must be a work of the Spirit. And what of grace?

    Until we have presented God’s grace in such a way that it elicits the question “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound” we haven’t scratched the surface. Grace must seem infinitely too good to be true before it comes close to revealing its wonder.

    I can understand my sin, having been both a particpant and audience of the same for 54 years. But understand God’s grace, and to me? When all my questions are unable to be answered by my finite mind, the only thing I can do is prostrate myself before the Author of grace, and worship Him who has come and been the Incarnation of all my answers. In Him, yea and amen.


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