Brought before Kings

I believe that we are where we are and associated with those around us specifically to be used by God to affect His will and message to them. We are to give testimony of Christ and be ready to give the Gospel message to all. This message is so radical and exclusive that the world hates it. Any who claim to be adherents of it, but suppress its message are false. Bob DeWaay has written this piece that compares the authentic disciple of Christ with the example of Rick Warren. Prayfully read it and I pray that God will move in your heart to show you the truth. – Mike Ratliff

Charles Spurgeon Quote

“Whence came our carnality, covetousness, pride, sloth, and unbelief? Are they not all to be traced to the corruption of our hearts? When the hands of a clock move in an irregular manner, and when the bell strikes the wrong hour, be assured there is something wrong within. Oh, how needful that the mainspring of our motives be in proper order, and the wheels in a right condition.”

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