2 thoughts on “Listen to Pastor Ken Silva speak on the encroachment of the Emergent Church into the SBC

  1. Hello Mike,

    Thank you for mentioning this and for placing my friend Bob DeWaay’s article up. Please know you are always in my heart and I kind of miss the good ol’ days when we were tearing ’em up at Slice.

    You remain my dear borther in arms and it would please me if you keep in touch. I’m blessed to tell you that the Lord has AM growing very fast and I covet your prayers. As I have been speaking out re. the apostasy in the SBC some very big enemy guns are now pointed at me. I covet your prayers and I pray you’ll stand with me.

    The root of this Mike is an attack on Reformed Theology and we’ll need to be strong and in union in the remnant Christ is calling out.


  2. Pastor Ken,

    I miss those days as well. It seems that over the last several months that I have been just overwhelmed with “things” that keep me from participating in those discussions like I should.

    I am pleased with how God is using your ministry for His glory and our edification. I am on Apprising Ministries blog nearly every day because it is a gold mine of truth. I found it very amazing that my leaving my old SBC church over the PDC was lock-step with what is going on with the apostasy throughout our denomination. God is at work in both moving the dirty further into apostasy and the cleansing of His sheep by drawing them out of the error. Your work is vital Ken and you have my prayers. I fear that things are going to become very rough soon, but those in God’s hands have nothing to fear eternally.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff


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