Christian Research Network

I have been asked by Pastor Ken Silva to become a contributor to the Christian Research Network. I made my first post there this evening called Jesus Knows What is in Man.

I prayed over the weekend about doing this. I also enlisted many friends from all over the country to pray for this decision as well. To those whom I enlisted to pray, thank you! The negatives that came upon me as I and others prayed about this were so obviously not coming from God that I knew that God was not standing in the way. What I mean is that all of the negatives had to do with excuses or taking risks that sort of thing. One thing that came through loud and clear to this disciple though was that just as I cannot write anything here that is of any eternal value that is outside of God’s grace, I cannot write anything for CRN that isn’t also completely focused on God’s glory alone. Possessing the Treasure is still my primary focus, but I will contribute to CRN as God leads. Please continue to pray for this disciple and this ministry.

In Christ

Mike Ratliff