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“Some have staggered over the doctrine of eternal punishment, because they could not see how that could be consistent with God’s goodness. I have only one question to ask concerning that: Does God reveal it in the Scriptures? Then I believe it, and leave to him the vindication of his own consistency. If we do not see it to be so, it will be nonetheless so because we are blind.”

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  1. I guess “I don’t believe it so it doesn’t exist for me” isn’t just our modern way of thinking, but was in Spurgeon’s day also. I hear so many people say they don’t believe in hell, and they act as though that solves their problem of going there. Ignorance might be bliss here on earth (not really) but it certainly won’t be there after. I praise Him for His mercy toward me that He opened my eyes and then gave me a new heart to receive Him with!

  2. Sarah,

    There is nothing new under the Sun. You are Spirit-led, therefore you see. Those who don’t see are Soul-led or led by their flesh. Where would we be without God intervening into our lives?

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  3. Mike:
    One of the most dangerous lies circling among professing believers is the distortion of the doctrine of hell. I grew up a Mormon and in essence they deny the doctrine of hell and any concept of eternal damnation. I pray that the true Christian church wakes up and realizes that myriads are headed for a Christless eternity. May we be so bold as to warn them!

  4. Man believes he is more compassionate than Jehovah Himself. But man’s compassion is carnal and based upon His own feelings when God’s compassion is based upon His infinite mercy.

    One day it will all come to light that not only was God just in punishing unregenerate man, He will be revealed as more merciful than we could have ever inagined. Praise His Name!!

  5. Rick,

    Yes, praise His Name! Those who are under the spell of God is Love, Love, Love and that overrides everything else, are in bondage to a false Gospel.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  6. Mike…

    I guess as we age and mature in our faith we find many things that are “obvious” in the Scriptures and ask, “how did I not see this before?”

    God’s timing is perfect…and so is His Holy Spirit’s revelation. Sometimes hard to swallow when we see friends and family not believe in the same doctrines that we hold so dear, and we ask, “how can they not see this?” May we truly rely on God’s grace and timing and not our own, and also know that we too have these “hidden” errors in our theology and bow our knees at the cross where all our wisdom flows…

    Thanks for your blog…it has become a new stop for myself.

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