Several years ago I used to be a computer programmer. During that time I worked with a great deal of sensitive data that, in some cases, had to be encrypted. Not long ago I found one of my old encryption programs that I used to encrypt financial or private data to be sent as an attached file to an email. I showed it to a young man I work with now who told me that he would have no trouble breaking my code and reading what I have encrypted. He could not do it.:-)

This made me think. Of course, that isn’t always a good thing.:-) Here is a test for all who would like a challenge. The next couple of lines is an encrypted phrase. Can you decipher it? If you do, then please let me know. – Mike Ratliff



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  1. “Hi! My name is Mike Ratliff. I am saved by grace alone through Christ alone through faith alone. I am a servant of Christ who writes on the net for other people’s encouragment in Christ. I love all my brothers and sisters in Christ and can’t wait to see them when we all get to heaven! Sound exciting to you? Well, let me tell you of the Savior you need.”
    How well did I do, Mike? :o). Seriously, I’m not good at puzzles muchless a bunch of numbers.

  2. Rick,


    Since there are four numbers for every character, including spaces and punctuation, I think your solution is a bit long. However, I do like it what you said. Very humbling.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  3. I almost thought that sarah made it… Wow, I also thought it would be easy… but it is difficult😦 maybe I might try a bit more, but I think someone would decrypt it before I do:)

  4. Paul and all who read this,

    There are four words in this phrase and the last character is a “!” The first word is five character’s long. The second word is six characters long. The third word is two characters long. The last word is four characters long.

    I’m sorry I made it so hard.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  5. I can do a guess without even trying to break the encryption:)

    Jesus Christ is Lord! could be the code:) if this is right that means you made it too easy by giving clues:)

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