Watch out for Selfish Ambition

The focus of the posts on Possessing the Treasure over the last couple of months have been primarily on the dire need for Christians to become free from bondage to their own flesh. There is a deadly trap hoping to snare those who are on the path to becoming free from their evil fleshly taskmaster. That trap is energized by our pride. Our sin nature wants only to be fed from our flesh. It demands it. It’s appitite for self-gratification is insatiable. When we start the move away from that by denying ourselves and bcoming Spirit-led, our pride tries to manipulate our walk in such a way that it will still feed our ego. This is false humility. The following devotional by Martin Luther is from Faith Alone. I pray that the Lord will make these truths clear and convicting in all our hearts. – Mike Ratliff Continue reading