The Habit of Enjoying the Disagreeable

by Mike Ratliff

While Christians must pursue peace and unity with all whenever possible, that does not mean that they should ever be at peace with false teaching, false teachers, false preachers, or false leaders. The conflict that arises when we obediently confront error, as Jesus did and as Paul did, is most disagreeable. I, for one, do not like it. I have a deep desire to be at peace with everyone, but when those who disagree with the truth from God’s Word descend upon me simply for stating it, refusing to be sucked into unfruitful debate about it, or for rebuking those who refuse to repent then I must remain obedient and ready to continue in that obedience. The cost has been counted. Even though it hurts some when being called all sorts of names or reading things about myself that these people write, I have learned a very huge truth. When we do this and do not fall away from it, our Lord is right there with us manifesting Himself through us. Our human side may want to avoid the conflict, but if we are genuine disciples called to this ministry of restoration and reform then we will experience a closeness with our Lord that few have. That closeness is also accompanied by a deep Joy that comes to those who are obedient no matter how hot the fire. I am posting another devotional by Oswald Chambers on obedience. Enjoy and be blessed. Continue reading