Why Are We Not Told Plainly?

The genuine Christian is regenerate, a New Creation, but that does not mean that they are anywhere close to being perfectly obedient to God. Of course, our biggest battle is against our own sin nature which is empowered by our pride. Even in our regenerate state we tend to make decisions that seem spiritual and right when all along we are being prideful and self-absorbed. Because of this, we are left in the dark much of time when, if we remained humble and obedient, we could receive revelation from God in very powerful ways. The more humble we become, the more God’s word speaks to us in ways the astound others. They see someone who has insight into scripture and God’s ways that they have never considered before. That someone has that insight, or whatever it is, only because they are so under Christ’s control that the Lord shares these deep truths with them. On the other hand, those who are bound up in spiritual pride never experience this. – Mike Ratliff Continue reading