An Appeal for Prayer and Support

As many of you know, I am a contributing writer for the Christian Research Network. Pastor Ken Silva manages that site along with the Apprising Ministries site. On top of that he is also a fulltime Pastor in a local church. I am putting forth this appeal for prayer and finacial support for these ministries. My friend Jim Lupacchinoa at the Watcher’s Lamp blog has written a piece about this. Please follow this link to read it. – Mike Ratliff

A Father’s Love

The following devotional is from Lifetime Guarantee – enjoy and be blessed.

By Preston Gillham

A 9 year-old boy I know was taking a walk with his dad. Right in the middle of a discussion about frogs, he stopped, looked up and said “Dad, I love you.” His dad said, “Why do you love me so much?” The boy replied, “Because I know how much you love me.” Why do you love God? Is it because you’re supposed to, ought to, or have to? Maybe it’s because you’re trying to get God to love you back? Boy, have I got great news for you: Your heavenly Father’s love is not a love that is based upon your performance. It’s based upon who He is… and He is love… perfect love.

For Lifetime Guarantee, that’s eGrace.