Muslims ask questions following Christian killings

Turkey (MNN) — It was a grisly murder. Three Christians slaughtered by Muslim young people. It was well-planned. In the face of these horrible events, Christians are recognizing opportunities to talk about their faith. Johan Candelin with the World Evangelical Alliance says there’s a deep national sense of confusion in Turkey today. “Muslims are saying that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. And then they see on television these three Christians who have been killed by a group of young people, and the young people say they have done it in the name of religion.” What’s added to their confusion, says Candelin, is the television interviews of the widows. “The widows came out on national television and said, “I have forgiven the killers because Jesus has forgiven me.” So they show that Christianity is a religion of forgiveness, not of hate or revenge. And that has opened up a big door for the Gospel.” Many Turks believe missionaries want to split the nation. WEA is asking the Prime Minister to issue a statement to quash that rumor.

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