Millennial Positions

After posting the piece on the Binding of Satan it became painfully obvious that many people who objected to it had never even conceived of any other position on Eschatology or a Biblical view other than Dispensationalism. I was brought up as a Dispensationalist. I was a Pre-Trib, Pri-Mil dispy for decades. However, I knew that something just wasn’t right. There were way too many leaps of faith that had to be made and way too many gaps and holes and unexplained things, from Revelation especially, that do not fit or appear to be just plainly illogical. Then God awakened me to Reformed Theology. It was incredible. It was as if I could see scripture in layers and levels that were hidden to me before. Then I started exploring Eschatology. The first thing I rejected was Dispensational/Premillennialism. I was actually very surprised at the different views. It was as if I had never even seen them before. Here is a list of the four major millennial positions. Continue reading

Charles Spurgeon Quote

“Beware of studying doctrine, precept, or experiences apart from the Lord Jesus, who is the soul of all. Doctrine without Christ will be nothing better than his empty tomb. Doctrine with Christ is a glorious high throne, with the King sitting on it.”