God’s Man

“Paul Washer shares powerfully the principle of ‘God’s Man’ being a man that is set apart and cares only for the glory of God’s name. So many people are involved in ministry and yet not in it for “God alone.” May God continue to call out those that are living and serving God for God’s glory and that alone.” (Click here to listen to this awesome message.)

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  1. Thank you Mike. I see several messages I want to listen to on this link. I love Paul Washer. Thank you again.

    Love in Christ,


  2. Where are the leather-lunged prophets that feared nothing but God and spoke only His Words? This world meant nothing to them and even as Paul said, they don’t even count their lives dear. Their calling was their life and Jesus was their message.

    They desired none of this world’s goods, and they guarded their prayer lives over all. They could shout out God’s warning one day and weep before His presence the next. Even when they were harsh in their chastening confrntations, followers were still drawn to them and unbelievers could not help but listen.

    Where are those men who came to preach a service and were compelled by the Spirit to remain for months. Where are the preachers that arrived on American soil with no church to preach in and no invitations. All they had and all they needed was the unction of the Spirit that had led them by faith, and in trusting God they were satisfied.

    With God’s Word, God’s anointing, God’s Spirit, God’s direction, and God’s presence they boldly went to precah His Word to friend and foe alike. Bread? God would provide. Shelter? God would provide. Their families back home? God would provide. Boldness? God would provide.

    Today “preachers” look carefully over the salary package before they decide to accept a position at a church. More like a CEO than a John the Baptist, they come bearing sweet sounding words that let the sinners continue in their sleep. And while the wrath of Almighty God continues to bear down upon all the inhabitants of this world, these minstrels give ear tickling speeches that soothe the flesh and doom many.

    Yes, Mike, where are the men of God? Perhaps He is raising up unworthy servants like you and me. If he can use us it will prove it is all of Him and none of us!


  3. Well said Rick. You are exactly right about the unworthy part. The fact that people read what we write and are blessed by it should make it clear to all who really know us that it must be God.


  4. That verse, “Where your treasure is there your heart lies” is so true. You only have to take a quick look at what it is you are desiring to know where your heart lies.


  5. Yes Mike it is of the Lord and we are blessed by your site here. Paul Washer is an amazing man of God. We have listened to quite a few of his messages that the Lord has given him. We need a million more like him in the good ol U.S.of A. huh?


  6. Dear brothers and sisters,

    I am yet to watch the video, as I do not have access to broadband for now. However, I have been encouraged by Henry’s exhortation and the comments from others.

    God’s grace is indeed awesome. Myself and the congregation I pastor have come out of deception over the last 1-2 years (we were word of faith). Since my enlightenment, the burden of the Lord has been on me to stand and refute false teaching and their teachers.

    Yes; I counted the cost – and pledged my allegiance to the Lamb. I knew the storms would come, but I trusted my life into the Master’s care. Well, the storms are here and I am thick in the middle of it. The opposition grows, and I stand as a foolish, despised man before many professing Christians. But God has been faithful. He has kept me.

    My heart is set to shout God’s words from the rooftops till He calls me home. But as a man, the criticism and attacks that come my way do drive me back to my closet at times asking, ‘Was I too hard? Should I have taken things a little easier? Maybe I am overdoing it’. Henry’s words in particular are a source of strength.

    I so want to keep obeying my Lord and help spare the sheep from the hands of wolves masquerading as sheep. Yet, I don’t want to get into a complex. I do know enough of God’s word, however, to know that it is right to take a stand against the wolves in the fold.

    I know firsthand what deception is, and had some faithful others not taken a stand in exposing false teachings and teachers, myself and my congregation may very well still be in darkness today.

    My heart cries to the Lord! I am so weak; and He is so strong! I covet your prayers. I am also open to rebuke and correction if you have any for me. Just be sure to give me Scriptures for it.

    Bless you all,



  7. WOW…I’ve a mind to post Henry’s comment on my blog, just so others can read it.

    Oh to be “filled with all the fullness of God”.


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