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Possessing the Treasure is structured in such a way that it is highly visible to search engines such as Google. If you do not want your identity connected to a comment on this blog to be visible to the search engines on the Internet then I suggest that you either refrain from commenting or use a handle or alias instead of your real name. – Mike Ratliff

26 thoughts on “Comment Disclaimer

  1. My real name is Henry Milton Frueh.

    My nickname is “Rick” because I was called Heinrich (German for Henry) as a child and it became “Rick” after a while and stuck. I have been accused of somehow travelling under the radar with “Rick” as an alias.

    Actually, when I travel under the radar I use the alias “Goofy”. Watch for that!


  2. Rick,

    If you aren’t really sure that Mike is illuminated enough to discern what that 🙂 symbol really means maybe you should go and ask john at TRUE DISCERNMENT 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. I still do not get the punctuation completely. I know it means something and I have seen it, but I still am a little confused. I’m punctuationally challenged.


  4. Oh, its a smile. I am so very smart, aren’t I. I don’t have friends, just people that laugh behind my back. The truth is I really am not very computer articulate and many of these sign go way over my head. I am going to make my own.


    When you see that it means “The rent is due!”

    Thanks for the link, Mike.


  5. You guys are too funny! I never thought about blaming nature on my poor golfing skills. I must remember to blame gravity for my poor golfing skills the next time I golf! Thanks guys! 🙂 BTW, Mike, what led you to write this post? Is there a stalker close by?


  6. Henry Freuh Rick guy – THANK YOU, goofy! I don’t have to wonder anymore why the “Rick” thing!


    When you see that it means “The rent is due!””

    For some reason, that tickled my funny bone…and then I was in full-out ha ha when it led into reading why Mike had to quit golf. 😉 (Rick, that’s me winking!)

    Love you guys in Christ! Thanks for the laughs!


  7. Ok once confused I take supreme umbrage about my name. It is spelled FRUEH. Pronounced “Froo”. I will give you a small dispensation this time, but in the future pay attention onse confuused.


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