The Supreme Climb

by Mike Ratliff

How often do we try to come up with ways to serve and please God? Every time that I have done that it has turned out to be a total waste of time and effort, except that I learned a great deal about how finite I am and how I have no business trying to force God to help me honor Him with my puny efforts. God is sovereign. He is infinite and completely inscrutable to us except where He has revealed Himself to us through the Son and through the Bible. Our role is to obey Him. We find that His will is revealed to us in His Word. Our struggle seems to be that we want to do things our way instead of His. God’s way to teach us our place and to grow us in godliness involves being obedient in the crucible. In it we find that all of the temporal things we love and desire, including sharing in the glory that is due only to Him, are things that have no eternal value. Then we begin to grasp that the eternal is the genuine reality. Continue reading