Urgent Prayer Request

I just received the following prayer request from Jon Cardwell, our brother in the Lord and contributer to CRN. He lives in Alaska.

Please pray for John and Carolyn Uttereyuk and family.  Their 9-year old son, Reman, was found on the rocks of Kun River this afternoon while John and Carolyn were at Black River.


45 minutes of CPR was unsuccessful.  Lisa went to the clinic and pray when Reman was brought in.  Because I’ve been bed ridden with pneumonia it took me a bit of time to get over there as walking is a chore.


John and Carolyn’s 10-year-old son, Reichel, cannot yet be found.  A search party has been formed to drag the river.  The current is very rough in the Kun River today.


Lisa has gone to John and Carolyn’s house to pray with and comfort Reyna, John and Carolyn’s 16-year-old daughter.


John and Carolyn’s other children are: Rhea, 6, Rachel, 5, Ryel, 4, and Reinan, 2.


Grandparents are Irene and David Kaganak and Max and Lydia Yunak.


Thank you for your prayers.


Ever at the Cross for Christ’s glory,


jon cardwell

scammon bay covenant church

scammon bay, alaska


Chen V’Shalom BaShem Yashua Mashiach HaMelek Olam!

(Grace and Peace in the Name of Jesus Messiah, the Eternal King!)


“And it came to pass…”