The Law and Sin

by Mike Ratliff

I finde then that when I would doe good, I am thus yoked, that euill is present with me. For I delite in the Law of God, concerning the inner man: But I see another Law in my members, rebelling against the Lawe of my minde, and leading me captiue vnto the lawe of sinne, which is in my members. O wretched man that I am, who shall deliuer me from the body of this death! I thanke God through Iesus Christ our Lorde. Then I my selfe in my minde serue the Lawe of God, but in my flesh the lawe of sinne.
(Romans 7:21-25 Geneva)

I was reading the profile of a Bible expositor that I greatly admire not long ago and was struck by this description of himself, “I am a notable sinner!” As I read that I reflected on my own spiritual condition and would have to agree with that statement as a description of me as well. There are times that I wonder what God sees in me for I see nothing good. There are times that my flesh seems to rule and reign in my heart instead of the power and peace of my Lord Jesus Christ. It is heartbreaking! I long to be free from this body of sin and death.

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Kingdom Surge

Jesus commanded us, the Church, to make disciples from all nations. He also said that He would be with us to the end. We live in a time that still has many people who remain unreached with the Gospel. The new Blog Kingdom Surge is dedicated to the cause of reaching them with the Good News. I pray that we will all commit ourselves to obeying our Lord in all things and that He will return soon.

Here is an excerpt from the first post by Zioneer, one of the founders of this very important ministry:

‘As we launch this project, by which we hope in the grace of God to contribute something profitable for the ongoing expansion of the Kingdom of Christ, we are poignantly aware of the need for specificity in our purpose and clarity in our expression: what is it precisely that we hope to accomplish in this forum, and how might we best communicate that precise intent from the beginning stages? Although other posts will be soon forthcoming (Lord willing), in which we will address in more detail what we mean by “facilitating and finishing the Great Commission,” as well as the nature of the Great Commission itself, we thought it best at the outset to explain what we intend to communicate by our name, “Kingdom Surge”; and why we chose as our key text Habakkuk 2:14: “Because the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”. ‘