Charles Spurgeon Quote

“I believe that Sunday should be spent in recreation. You are dreadfully shocked, and well you may be. But what do I mean by ‘recreation’? It means creating us new. Oh, that everybody who talks about spending Sunday in recreation would come to be recreated, regenerated, renewed, refreshed, revived, and made to rejoice in God.”

One thought on “Charles Spurgeon Quote

  1. Mr. Spurgeon had a gift from the Lord to preach and write………..the man obeyed well!! Oh to have the Spurgeons, Calvins, Pinks, and all the rest today. We do have their books. Just like the Word of our Lord, it was left for our learning and growing. We do have some ‘gems’ out there like MacArthur, Piper, Beale, Riddlebarger, Sproul and etc. We thank the Lord everyday for them too!


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