Out of Pocket

I will be in a training class August 13-17. I will be unable to monitor email and comments during the day during this time. I will try to catch up in the evening. Also, from August 17th through August 26th I will be in Oklahoma visiting family. I will not be able to post during that time. I will try to cover email and comments, but it will be sporadic at best. Please pray that I will return rested and usable by God. – Mike Ratliff

7 thoughts on “Out of Pocket

  1. Mike,
    You have a good rest and I will pray for your safe return and will also pray that God use you for his glory while your visiting. Please post everyones email addresses so I can have someone to talk to while your gone.:) Thank you for allowing God to use you.:)

  2. May you have a wonderful vacation.This will give me time to catch up with some of your articles.It is now a habit for me to have my coffee in the morning with Possessing the Treasure!

  3. Will be lifting you in prayer at this time Mike………learn, rest and have fun.

    Sherry…………I do the same thing. What a way to start the day!!

  4. Mike:
    Enjoy the much needed rest. I look forward to your return and pray that God uses the time to refresh the one who refreshes others. In His Grace, Wendy

  5. Have a blessed time, Mike! May this time bring rest to you and glory to our Father…His will be done.

    Maybe you can read those articles I mentioned to you while you are away? :-)

  6. Mike, We hope its cooler where you are now in Oklahoma than here! Talk about a furnace and huge storms right out of the blue! Have a good rested blessed visit and come back refreshed and ready to go……………..Paul and Luann

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