Spurgeon on Unconditional Election

The Reformed Doctrine of Unconditional Election is probably the most hated and loved doctrine in existence. I knew when I posted Unconditional Election last night that I would receive much heat. The comments that I posted are only a fragment of those I received. I have been labeled as a heretic. I have been accused of deliberately causing division in the body. I have been told that I am going to Hell because I teach this. Well, none of that is pleasant, however, should those who know the truth keep it bottled up and tell no one simply to avoid the heat?

Here is a sermon by Charles Spurgeon on this doctrine. Enjoy and be blessed.

12 thoughts on “Spurgeon on Unconditional Election

  1. Mike,

    Thanks for your efforts in this area. Thank God for the clear teaching of the word of God regarding Unconditional Election. To learn about this biblical doctrine leads me to worship the Lord. I look forward to your continued thoughts on the subject.

    Dan O’Brien

  2. You hang in there Mike. They don’t like the truth. Especially that one about reprobation………..ugh!!:) The righteous will suffer persecution and sounds like you’re getting your fair share of it today! Let em get mad and call names…….it means you’re hitting a nerve, and who knows, just like we did, we got mad at first too, but the light came on later thank the Lord. So don’t worry, seeds are being planted with what you are doing. We encourage you to let it ‘roll off your back’ and keep on keepin on brother.

  3. BTW, we read the sermon by Spurgeon and it is GREAT! There are a few that commented that need to read it word for word,slowly,and let it soak in. He explained it so anyone could understand it. Good article and sermon post Mike.

  4. Mike – you may have caught a little heat over “U” but if you want some fire, try blogging about the “L”.

    That will stir them up.

  5. Rick,

    Yes, I know and that one is next.:-)
    I didn’t get a chance to work on it last night because of the work I’m doing on the “P.” and the fact that I went to a Bible study at church last night from 7 to 9. Awesome! It will happen this weekend though. Be praying brother.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  6. Mike:

    Thanks for posting that Spurgeon sermon; it’s great because it’s not just one man giving his opinions, it’s a bible-centric pastor expounded the word of God and reminding us of a few of the important places that scripture DOES teach election. That’s one of the reasons that I like to read Spurgeon; he’s glued to the bible.

    If anyone else is interested in doing a bible study related to this topic, here’s another scripture-rich source that was very convincing to me when I was coming out of my human-centric way of thinking years ago:


    I challenge any of the scripture-doubters that called Mike a heretic to go to this link and see if your man-centered theology can survive a thorough and honest investigation of it. Bring your bibles though! It’s one of those times that you’ll need to close your Bell/MacLaren books (etc.), and put aside your culture studies, and roll up your sleeves with the scriptures.

    Mike believes what he believes because the bible teaches it, not because he “digs Calvin and Spurgeon”. It takes courage for him to post what he did here; no words have been removed from his post simply because he lacked the backbone to stand up to the opinion of man. Thanks for that Mike.

  7. Jim,

    I am humbled brother. Thanks for the encouragment and the link. I have been there. Yep, it is awesome. Leave your ego and your man-centered attitudes at the door and sit at the feet of clear Bible teaching.

    Your are also right about the source of what we believe. It is all biblical and leaves no room for man’s pride and/or abilities.

    Thanks again brother.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

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