Ten Effects of Believing the Five Points of Calvinism

by John Piper

April 20, 2002

These ten points are my personal testimony to the effects of believing in the five points of Calvinism. I have just completed teaching a seminar on this topic and was asked by the class members to post these reflections so they could have access to them. I am happy to do so. They, of course, assume the content of the course, which is available online from Desiring God Ministries, but I will write them here in the hope that they might stir others to search, Berean-like, to see if the Bible teaches what I call “Calvinism.” Continue reading

A Word of Encouragment

No matter what the circumstances might look like when the days of evil come as this apostasy spreads like a spiritual wildfire, we who are in Christ will understand that the Bible is a supernatural Book. In this short devotion over at Apprising Ministries Ken Silva reminds us how comforting it is for us to know that no matter what happens in this sin-sick and cursed creation, the Word of God tells us that the life of the Christian is even now hidden with Christ in God.

The True Love of God

[Synergists] … say that the Augustinian tradition subordinates the love of God to the will of God … But this is not what distinguishes the Augustinian tradition from the Arminian tradition. The distinction is between intensive and extensive love, between an intensive love that saves its loved ones, and an extensive love that loves everyone in general and saves no one in particular. Or if you really wish to cast this in terms of willpower, it’s the distinction between divine willpower and human willpower. Or, to put the two together, does God will the salvation of everyone with a weak-willed, ineffectual love, or does God love his loved ones with a resolute will that gets the job done?

The God of Calvin is the good shepherd, who names and numbers his sheep, who saves the lost sheep and fends off the wolf. The God of Wesley is the hireling, who knows not the flock by name and number, who lets the sheep go astray and be eaten by the wolf. Which is more loving, I ask? – Steve Hays

Here is a link to a parallel article.  

Repost of But that’s not fair!

The following article was posted on January 15, 2006.

by Mike Ratliff

What shall we say then? Is there injustice on God’s part? By no means! (Romans 9:14)

The natural mind, plagued with selective rationalization, demands that God be fair in His dealings with all humankind. Fairness speaks of justice. One of the tenets of our republican form government in the USA is a right to a fair and speedy trial before one’s peers. A person on trial for a crime may or may not truly want justice. They may be guilty so their desire is not justice, but grace. If a judge in a criminal trial declares a defendant guilty, but then defers sentencing in lieu of probation or “time served” then he has extended grace to the guilty party. Continue reading

It’s Time to Stand in the Gap

Several days ago I wrote a piece called Call to Repentance. With that call in mind please consider the following. The American Christian Church is at a crossroads. Satan has so blinded the eyes of the fence sitters amongst us that any call by those with godly discernment that shines the light of truth into the darkness of compromise and easy-believism will be met by a wall of resistance that is intended to discourage and defeat. What is most disturbing is that much of this comes from people who profess to love the Lord and to obey Him. The lie from Satan that they are believing to be the truth is that it is wrong and foolish to take stands for the truth as the absolute truth. We do have absolute truth. It is found in God’s Word. It is the only source we have. The lie says that we cannot know the truth. The Word says we can as the Holy Spirit reveals it to our hearts. The lie says that we must always acknowledge that our doctrinal positions such as the doctrines of grace may be wrong. Is this standing in the Gap? Continue reading