Spurgeon on Persevering Grace

I have always be puzzled over why some reject the Doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints. The evidence of the veracity of this doctrine in the Word of God is overwhelming. Of course the culprit in that resistance is the same as that which opposes each of the doctrines of grace. The Sovereignty of God is the issue. How far does it extend? Is there a limit to it? To what extent does Man have autonomy? I pray that our study of the doctrines of grace has helped you in seeing that God is Sovereign and Man, being a creature in His creation, is under His sovereignty even as all other creatures. Let us end this study with Charles Spurgeon’s take on the Doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints.

4 thoughts on “Spurgeon on Persevering Grace

  1. Any good deed we do is because of our salvation in Christ, not for the obtaining of salvation. Our love for Jesus compels us to good works and love for one another. And like Rick said, not apart from God’s grace.


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