Repost of The Proper Evangelistic Viewpoint

Our Bible Study leader at church is working his way through the book of Ephesians. Today, he taught on the sovereignty of God and election. He did a very good job. However, there were some in the class who became quite disturbed about it. They misunderstood him in his teaching because he did not emphasize man’s responsibility, however, that was not what the lesson was about. I sensed that so I raised my hand and asked this, “Within the context of election how do we pray for the lost?”

I was amazed at what happened next. There were about five others with their hands raised, but when the teacher answered my question (he did very well) no one else had a question. We are to pray for the lost just as we are to evangelize them. We aren’t God. We have no idea who the elect are, but God does. Therefore, we must obey our Lord and make disciples from all Nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit then teach them to observe all things that our Lord taught. Continue reading