It is Impossible to Cast Out One’s Flesh

The following article was written by my friend Josh Parker ( ). This article is important in our battle to reclaim the Church from the impostors who have overrun it because it exposes the truth about the nature of Christian suffering as opposed to the lies form the deceivers preaching their man-focused non-gospels. I pray that you will be fed and edified as you read it. – Mike Ratliff

It is Impossible to “Cast Out” One’s Flesh


by Josh Parker

As the apostate church continues on and on oblivious to its errors, another thing which goes unnoticed or uncorrected is the error of trying to “cast out” one’s flesh (carnal nature). Unfortunately, this is common within the Word-Faith movement, and/or various other charismatic churches. Dear reader, please understand that I am not against being happy, charismatic, or prosperity. I am only against unsound Biblical teaching which can cause my brothers and sisters in Christ to stumble or fall into error. In the following letter, I will do my best to explain how the flesh (carnal nature) is not something which the believer can “cast out.” The flesh is neither a demon, nor something which God can “miracle” out of our lives. Instead, the Bible explains that our flesh is something which must be crucified through adversity, so that we can truly enter into God’s rest. Continue reading