The Post-Modern Zeitgeist

by Mike Ratliff

I previewed a movie today that had the simple title, “Zeitgeist.” Before I give you my impression of it, let’s define what the term “Zeitgeist” means. My Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, published in 1983, defines “Zeitgeist” as, “the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.” That sounds innocuous enough doesn’t it? However, after I started viewing the film, I became aghast, as it was a direct attack against God, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Christian religion. The narrator came across as one deriding all religion, but the focus of Part I of the film was to present Christianity as a form of Astrology and Man as a product of evolution.

I watched some of the movie then quit because I just could not take the outright paganism of it. After I quit watching the movie I did some research where I learned that “Zeitgeist” refers to the ethos of a select group of people, that express a particular (predominantly post-modern) world view, which is prevalent at a particular period of socio-cultural progression. The source also said that “Zeitgeist” could only be observed for past events.

The focus of the film was to present all of the world’s problems as results of the work of small groups of people who manipulate the masses through intimidation and lies coming from religion, global markets, patriotism, and a corrupt media. The narrator stated that the religious leaders of today and down through history have always been in league with the elite at the top who pulled the strings to get what they want by dividing up the people into small groups.

The filmmakers attempted to disparage Christianity in order to destroy what they saw as something that divided people. The wanted the viewer to seek to join everyone together across all racial, national, and religious boundaries in order to defeat the moves by the elitists to divide and conquer. Part of the fear mongering they used was to present the conspiracy theory that there is a small group of very powerful people, the elite, who are attempting to form a One World Government and force everyone to take an VChip implanted in the body.

I am very familiar with the Eschatology views from the Bible. I know about the Mark of the Beast and the AntiChrist, etc. However, this film was anti-Christian. I wondered about that as I started my research. The film showed G.W. Bush and other members of the US Government as it derided their moves to join the United States with Mexico and Canada as one Union with one currency and one government. Their implication was that the Religious Right keeps the ones in power who are doing these things. Therefore, all Christianity is wrong and must be replaced with a new form of religion that is Earth friendly and does not divide up people by their religious beliefs or for any other reason.

If you are at all familiar with what I write then you know that I do not believe that Genuine Christianity should become involved with the world by becoming mingled with politics or any secular institutions that cause them to become self-focused rather than God-focused. Christians need to come together in local bodies to worship God and be edified by fellowship and preaching from the Word. There should never be any emphasis within this having to do with political activism of any kind other than being always ready to give an account of and contend for our faith.

As I did my research on “Zeitgeist” I was struck by the similarity of the rhetoric from these neo-pagans with that which we hear from the Emergent and New Evangelism crowd. The desire to tear down and reform or replace Christianity is found in both. Universalism is the common thread. The drive to unite everyone no matter what differences exist has seemed very puzzling to me over the last year or so that I have been writing these posts. However, I now see where it is coming from.

Another common thread throughout the movie was that they perceived that those in power, including religious leaders, equated truth with their authority rather than their authority coming from the truth. That is another area in which I have struggled in my communications with the Emergents, and the New Evangelicals. When I spoke the truth from Scripture, they seemed to respond as if I was speaking from my self-anointed authority rather than speaking the truth. Their responses always puzzled me. Now I believe I understand why they refused to listen.

What should our response be to these of the Post-Modern Zeitgeist? We must pray for those in it. We must tell them the truth and back that up with scripture. We must never stop contending for the faith. Our focus should be on these things rather than on political activism. We should take care of the poor and always be ready to share our faith with the lost. We must not become unequally yoked with unbelievers nor should we bring the world into our worship services.

If you would like to view the movie “Zeitgeist” then click here. I would suggest that you pray first for wisdom and discernment. To God be the glory.


8 thoughts on “The Post-Modern Zeitgeist

  1. Very good post, Mike. A theme about which you and I agree is that as the evil days progress God is drwaing back to the Word and the basics of that Word. All this new and relevantism and all this political moral arm twisting is useless, God desires our hearts toward Him completely.

    The explanations and overviews of men can be interesting but I have never found them pushing me toward Christ and His cross, only the Word and the teaching and preaching of that same Word by Godly men and women stir me toward Christ. I do not care for this world except to passionately share Christ and His gospel with. I can read an article or watch a program or watch a documentary about religious issues even Christian issues and afterward find some things to think upon.

    But I can listen to one anointed sermon by Ravenhill or Washer or MacArthur or some other man of God, and after only one sermon the gift has again be stirred and I am drawn to the ord and to His service once again. This post has again substantiated what the Lord has shown us, only what is done for Christ will last.


  2. I sometimes think of the passage below when people tell me about all the evil things that go on. I have no control over anyone or anything. It keeps me from getting caught up in conversations that used to make me angry and are really just gossip. I thought of it after reading your post. It keeps me focused on the Lord.

    Rev. 20

    11 Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.”


  3. Here are some links on a great site from a Christian with “conspiracy theory” insight. There are links on this page to other sites where people have refuted the claims that Zeitgeist makes:

    The same person also does an internet radio show where he has mentioned Zeitgeist and its flawed information at

    I think this is a great approach as you can factually prove that the information cited is not referenced to any original materials….a necessary tool to open people’s eyes.

    I also think it’s imperative that we pray for those who have been deceived by the lies this movie purports. They are people who are looking for deeper truths and being led to lies.


  4. the movie does have a point though.


    you know?

    enough of this war stuff, population control should happen domestically not invading other populouses. (thats my thoughts on all this killing.)


  5. Nimrod was a globalist. So are the corporate elites.

    The love of money is the root of all evil. If the large corporations can make more money and monopolize an industry, then they are willing to step on whoever to win. Part of the downfall of American economics is corporate greed. American jobs have been sent overseas to get cheaper labor, so that the elites can have 14 mansions instead of just 10.

    Corporate elitism is the plague which is eating away at our economy.


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