It Just Feels Kind of Right

Something has changed. Perhaps it changed quite a while ago and I am just now noticing it, but there is a “new spirit” in our temporal realm that seems to be coming to power. I have noticed lately that the neo-pagan’s who come here to dispute with me and this ministry have a “spiritual empowerment” that is stronger and more direct than what I have experienced before. They seem to be able to withstand direct truth from God’s Word and not be intimidated by it. Their confidence in the lies they profess is very strong. Along with this I have also noticed a reluctance among other believers to fight this battle. What is going on? Has any one else noticed this? In any case I suggest this devotion by my friend Ken Silva.

Thank You for your Prayers

My nephew Travis had his brain surgery yesterday. He was awake during much of it. He even made a phone call to his wife Jennifer as part of his cognitive tests. The surgery took most of the day. He is in recovery in the ICU now. Below is an email my brother-in-law, Travis’ dad, sent me about how it went. Join me in praising God for His goodness and healing power. Please also remember him and his family in your prayers. To God be the Glory – Mike Ratliff

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