Thank You for your Prayers

My nephew Travis had his brain surgery yesterday. He was awake during much of it. He even made a phone call to his wife Jennifer as part of his cognitive tests. The surgery took most of the day. He is in recovery in the ICU now. Below is an email my brother-in-law, Travis’ dad, sent me about how it went. Join me in praising God for His goodness and healing power. Please also remember him and his family in your prayers. To God be the Glory – Mike Ratliff

We met with Dr. Lang around 9:30 pm. He said he thought he had resectioned (cut away) “over 90%” of the tumor and that the initial pathology report had indicated the tumor was predominantly “Type II cells.” Both of these things are great news. Prior to surgery, the doctor had hoped to get 85% of the tumor. We will await an MRI exam late tomorrow to determine exactly how much he got out. The doctor thinks there is a possibility that he got even more than 90% but he will wait for the MRI results. It was also good news that the cells are thought to be mostly Type II. The doctor had expressed a concern the day before that MRI performed on January 3 was larger than indicated by the original MRI. He had thought this might mean the cells were Type III. The final pathology report will arrive Tuesday. We saw Travis when he got into ICU. He actually looks great for a person who just had his brain opened for twelve hours. His color was good and the swelling was minimal. There will be more swelling over the next few days but it should be manageable. The biggest threat of the operation was paralysis of his left side. When Amanda and Bronita went to see him in ICU, Bronita asked if he could squeeze her hand with his left hand. Travis, although sedated, immediately raised his hand over his head. This sent the message that he is not paralyzed. He fully understood what he was doing. There may be some temporary weakness over the next few days but that should go away as the swelling goes down.

The main concern for the next couple days will be stroke. The doctor thinks the odds for a stroke are relatively low but the blood vessels around which the tumor was located sometime go into spasm. They are giving Travis medication to prevent the spasms and ultimate stroke but it is a low possibility. They will keep Travis in ICU over the weekend to monitor and help lower the possibility.

We are all feeling tremendously blessed tonight. We want to thank all of you who have prayed and asked your churches to do the same. People literally around the world have been praying for a miracle. We saw one today. God is great!

Travis’ wife, Jennifer, is exhausted but was a rock all day.

Travis and Jennifer created the following blog that was updated throughout the surgery if you’re interested.

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  1. I’ve been keeping up on Travis and praying. Praise God he made it through! Now I will pray for a good pathology report. God is good all the time.


  2. Good news!! God is in complete control!! We have a loving, caring, Father who takes the best care of His children. Praise His holy name!! All glory goes to Him. We hold Travis up in our daily prayers also.


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