How The Gospel Makes Men Holy

As I stated in the last post, some of us have been looking in-depth into the preaching and teaching of some post-evangelicals. These are the fellows who are trying to have the coolest, largest church in town. The methods they use are pure Church Growth tactics, in other words, pragmatism. These are the same methods used by entrepreneurs who are trying to start a successful company. They even measure their “success” the same way. It’s all about numbers and how much money came in through tithes and offerings.

Some may ask why we would have a problem with that. That’s a fair question. The problem with “doing church” this way is that is just man-made, man-focused religiosity dressed up in Christian clothes. It is pragmatism, therefore, it is of the flesh and not of faith. It is not doctrinally sound and makes “church” all about self-adoration rather than God glorification. Man was created by God to love, serve and enjoy Him forever. Church should be all about worshiping God for His glory alone and hearing God’s Word expounded to the flock for their edification. Continue reading