There is Only One Gospel

I am preparing for a trip to Seattle, Washington. I leave on Sunday March 9th and return home to Kansas City on Saturday March 15th. I will try to write and post while I am away, but my coverage of comments will be mostly in the evening until I return.

I received two separate emails today about John Piper’s sermon, “How I Distinguish Between the Gospel and False Gospels” at the 2008 Resurgence Conference. I suggest that you follow that link and read it. As I read it, I remembered the following article that I posted on March 2, 2006 titled “There is Only One Gospel.” I am not a theologian like Piper and I am not comparing my article with His sermon. I posted it below mainly to provide some Biblical exegesis on this topic. If we approach the Bible correctly, God will work through our study to change our hearts to line up with His will.

The reaction to John’s sermon, so far, has been one of outrage from some as Ken Silva shows us here while most Christians seem to be staying on the sidelines. Let us pray for God to work through this for His glory and to draw His people into the truth. Continue reading