Issues, Etc. Cancelled

Today with no advanced notice the discernment radio show, Issues, Etc. with Todd Wilkins and produced by Jeff Schwarz., was canceled by the Luther Church Missouri Synod. Both men were let go.

I have often been blessed by this show and it is indeed sad and disturbing that this “denominational group” would axe a ministry that was not only popular, but highly effective in defending salvation by sola fide. I invite you to pray about what you should do about this. Also, please view the attached video.

New Creations

by Mike Ratliff

As many of you know, my nephew Travis was diagnosed with a brain tumor over Christmas week at the end of last year. A few weeks later he underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Analysis of the tumor revealed that it did contain some type 3 cancer cells so he had to undergo several weeks of chemo-therapy. His last treatment is this Friday, the 21st of March, which is Good Friday. He is doing remarkably well. However, even more joyous to me is the spiritual growth I have witnessed in my sister’s family since all of this happened.

I am reminded of Romans 8:26-28. Continue reading