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  1. Sniff, Thank you Mike. How do you even begin to thank Him for that. I guess being obedient would be a good start. Thank You precious Lord Jesus .


  2. Hello Mike, if you want you may leave this comment unpublished. I just would like to invite you to discern if it is right before God that we use any depiction/image/drama/film to represent God. You will find with ease many well written critics on this.

    A subject I am coming to consider is about the use of drama to represent a Bible “story”, not necesarily presenting God (ex. David and Goliath). If faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God, then faith will not come by seeing. But as I said, I am thinking about this at the moment.

    And if it is not right, then besides refraining from sinning in it; we must not harm any brother who is weaker in the faith by using such depictions.



  3. I have just read your rules for comments. If anything in my comment is offensive (which I do not think, probably I went right to the point but I do not have intention to harm by it), please ignore that which is offensive and consider just the core of the comment, which is the use of images or depictions of God.

    By the way, I have been visiting the church you suggested to me. Thank you for it (Metropolitan Tabernacle, London). Have a good evening.


  4. Orlando,

    I am glad you have found that church. I don’t think the movie images represent anything that would be idolatrous. Jesus is God and is a man. The entire focus of that movie strip was to show the agony through the torture and crucifixion of our Lord as a man. It in no way tried to create an idolatrous statement that would cause people to worship those images. If so, then I would not have posted it.

    Salvation will not come to anyone from seeing a movie unless that movie was completely factual about he Gospel. However, I did not post this for that reason.

    I would like for you to explain to me how this movie could harm any true brother in Christ who viewed it.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff


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