How to Detect a False Prophet

by Mike Ratliff

If anyone’s will is to do God’s will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority. The one who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory; but the one who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true, and in him there is no falsehood. (John 7:17-18 ESV)

While I was on vacation a week ago I was contacted by a friend who is a fellow Christian blogger. She was asking for prayer and help. Someone was attacking her because of her stance that her physical problems are of God and for His glory in her sanctification. These people were saying to her that if she was really in the will of God then she would not be suffering. I did visit her site while on my trip, but I didn’t have a lot of time to read very many of the comments, but I could tell that a battle had taken place there. I prayed for her and left an encouraging comment on one of her posts.

A few days later I started receiving emails from a person I had never heard of wanting to involve me in a discussion about my friend where he was continually attacking her character and salvation. He used intimidation tactics and used absolutely no biblical references to support his attacks. After about five of these emails, I replied with a question. I asked him why he was sending me this ‘garbage.’ The answer I got back was, “why do you think it’s garbage?”

This began several back and forth emails where I absolutely refused to get involved in his vendetta against my friend. I had to show a great deal of restraint here because the temptation was to pull out the big guns and go for it, but I refrained. I simply told the man that I considered it shameful what he was doing. He showed no mercy. I did visit the man’s website at this point to get an idea of who I was dealing with. Here is the link. However, before you get too deep into it I would like for you to look at some ways that we can detect a false prophet in this age. After reading these I suggest that you go to that site and with all discernment read what is there.

The most typical indicator of a false prophet or teacher is that their ways and message are not biblical. I find it amazing how many ‘Christians’ are sucked into the clutches of false teachers and prophets. Why do they? They do not know their Bibles so they don’t recognize the counterfeit. Along with this, when they do ‘attack’ genuine Bible teachers or ministers, they do not use the Bible or, if they do, they twist what it says. We are told to test the spirits.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1 ESV)

How do we know if a teacher or preacher really is from God? Their message will be biblical. It will line up with the Bible.

Another indicator is whether their message and ministry exalts God or themselves. The genuine minister of God doesn’t advertise or blow the trumpet about their ministries. They don’t need to. I heard R.C. Sproul say the other day that when he first began his ministry, after much prayer, he committed himself to doing nothing more than expounding the Word of God and leaving the results up to God. He refused to use the world’s tactics and ways in order to expand his ministry. The false teacher or preacher or minister doesn’t operate like this. Why? They have not the Holy Spirit. They are worldly. They may proclaim that they know Jesus, but they are full of evil. So, they exalt self and end up using the world’s ways of self-promotion.

Another indicator is their behavior. Do they act Christian or are they just a parody of one? This also includes their manner of debate. The motivation of a genuine minister of the Gospel is to glorify God and and be used by God to bring others to repentance. Using the world’s way of debate is not acceptable behavior here because its motive is not either of those, but is only to win the debate using whatever means. This would include personal attacks (ad homium) and the Straw Man Fallacy. It would include using fallacious sources written from men full of hate as if they were the truth. In their personal lives, genuine ministers will be marked by a growing Christlikeness while the false teacher, not being a Christian, will be marked by a parody of it.

Another indicator is the Holy Spirit’s witness within all genuine Christians. Does He warn you about a teaching or person? If so then we need to investigate, to test the spirits. For instance, the fellow with whom I was contending teaches as ‘truth’ things that are unbiblical. They are from the philosophies of men. They decry the use of the Law in the presentation of the Gospel. His contention is that men like Kirk Cameron are false prophets because they use scare tactics when they share the Gospel. He contends that this doesn’t work. I had to stop there and ask God for help. Then it came to me, what was troubling me was that the Holy Spirit was showing me clearly that this person was part of the Compromised Church and was defending it’s man-oriented non-gospel while attacking the genuine Gospel.

Another indicator is that false teachers and preachers will lead their followers to worship other gods. The Compromised Church worships another Jesus, not the Biblical Jesus. They have created their god in their own image. These people are trying to subvert the true faith and turn genuine worshippers of God away from Him. When the gospel is presented as the social gospel or health, wealth and prosperity, or is robbed of all of its supernatural power then those doing this have proved themselves to be false teachers and preachers. If you know of other indicators please leave a comment.

Now, I would like to share the email I received today from this person. I pray that God will give you discernment as you ‘read’ this.

Paul Cohen to me

Mike, you ask me to tell you what is wrong with what you said to Lisa. You are deaf, because I have already answered that question. How, then, will it help to repeat it? But if you really want to see my answer again, read my last letter, which I have included in this email.

How is it you reserve the right to strengthen the hand of the wicked when her words had specific and evil application and then go on to speak presumptuously in ignorance of that application? You would have joined the crowd to shout, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” not knowing it was the Christ they were condemning. That is exactly what you have done here.

You are not involved in my “little vendetta” because there is no vendetta, and you have not proven there is. But you are involved and one among many in the snake pit we have uncovered. You speak as the serpent and accuser of the brethren, without knowledge, discernment, fact or truth.

It is not what I think of myself, which is nothing, but what God says about me that matters. To Him, I am perfect, because He has formed me in His Son to be as He is in this world. What do you know of these things from your deluded, self-reformation project, which, work as hard as you will, has not managed to put away your unrighteous anger issue, has it?

Calvin also had that problem, persecuting Servetus and Castellion to death because he could not manage his anger. God warned Calvin’s father (and yours) about it, but Cain would not listen. He retained his poison, as have you, which is why you react as you do to the Lord’s brethren. We are here today to de-fang you and to send your works to Hell.

Listen to your own words:

“The vast majority of evangelical Christians exist in an extremely shallow spiritual condition. The Church worship they experience is man-focused. The sermons they hear from the pulpit are specifically designed to offend no one. There is little if any mention of sin, the need for repentance or Biblical discipleship.”

You falsely accuse and then blame those that shine the light on your false and treacherous ways of the same thing. You are thrice the sinner of those you criticize above, you vile hypocrite. And we are not the children of snakes, Satan, so go in your great wrath to the dwellers of earth as God commands of you in what remains of your short time. You will accomplish His will as a vessel of dishonor, and we will give Him honor and glory as He has assigned for us.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ Who justifies all His children.

Paul Cohen

My brethren, These words sting. They hurt. These are fiery darts and you know who throws those. I pray you noticed how he twisted things to make what was evil good and what was good evil. Also, did you notice the threats and the tactic of attempting to generate fear?

I received this from another Paul today:

The ostrich

A man may preach like an apostle, pray like an
angel—and yet may have the heart of a devil!

Many have gone to hell, laden with spiritual gifts. No
doubt Judas had great gifts, for he was a preacher of
the gospel. What a grand profession Judas had! He
followed Christ, left all for Christ, he preached the
gospel of Christ, he cast out devils in the name of
Christ, he ate and drank at the table of Christ—and
yet Judas was but a hypocrite!

The Scriptures speak of some who have “a form of
godliness, yet deny the power thereof.” That is, they
do not live in the practice of those graces, which they
pretend to profess. He who pretends to godliness by
a specious profession—and yet does not practice
godliness by a holy life, he has a mere form of
godliness—but denies the power.

Grotius compares such to the ostrich, which has
great wings—but yet does not fly. Just so—many
have the wings of a fair profession—but yet do not
use them to mount upward in spiritual affections,
and a heavenly life.

As many go to heaven with the fear of hell in their hearts—
so many go to hell with the name of Christ in their mouths!

What are we to do here? How are we to respond to these sorts of attacks? Should we crawl into our shells and stop reaching out with the truth? The enemy is a liar and will use ANY tactics that are available to him in order to silence those who are attacking his ‘empire.’ No, we must never stop proclaiming the truth. Paul the Apostle said:

Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart. But we have renounced disgraceful, underhanded ways. We refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God’s word, but by the open statement of the truth we would commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God. And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled only to those who are perishing. In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies. (2 Corinthians 4:1-10 ESV)

Let us draw together in prayer and refuse to be discouraged by these sorts of attacks. To God be the glory.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. Oh goodie. This is give me a chance to share my own testimony. If I may do so, Mike, can I recommend an older article on your website which I wrote because of my own experiences with suffering.

    I have a lifelong disease as well. I have suffered the same reproach and accusations from those who claim that all affliction, hardship, or sickness is a result of rebellion. They will also doubt that you have submitted completely or that you lack faith. They neither do not know long-suffering, what crucifies our carnal nature, nor the spiritual benefit that comes with enduring those afflictions. God cannot be taken to court when we plead with him to heal us, and he doesn’t . He wounds, he bruises, and heals.. But only according to his will– not ours. Those who believe that all sickness is a result of sin only bring the wrath of God upon themselves. Just read Job. Job’s friends were all saying that if Job was righteous, then God would not allow such horrible things to happen him. For their ignorance, God’s wrath was kindled against them. Just read verse 42:7. People who reject struggle and hardship never get rid of their dross. They neither submit to God’s sovereignty, they are idolaters, and they are of the flesh. Woe to them.


  2. Thanks Mike and thanks for your encouragement that you have sent me privately — and if that poor lady mentioned in the post is reading this, I want you to know how much my heart aches for you having to put up with people like that. It seems to happen to everyone, you are not alone!

    Looking at Cohen’s web site, I just started to read the one on ‘agriculture’ and these people sound completely out in left field.


  3. I just happened to find your post on the WordPress dashboard…and I am a bit surprised by this person sending you these e-mails. I don’t know of any Christian who speaks to another like this. He not only sounds incredibly angry (we are to avoid wrath, are we not?), but it APPEARS TO ME that he writes in a weird pretentious sort of way — trying to make his ‘voice’ sound important or like he’s speaking with authority.

    Anyway, this was all I needed to read to know where he currently is in his spiritual journey: “To Him, I am perfect, because He has formed me in His Son to be as He is in this world.”

    There is only one who is perfect, and we all know that’s Christ Jesus.

    No man, woman or child currently living on this planet can rightly make such a claim. We are born with the stain of sin and even after finding salvation we are susceptible to sin.

    I may be a Christian and love the LORD GOD Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul and mind, but I repent daily. I know there’s a thought, a slip of the tongue or even a bit of disobedience to the Holy Spirit that occurs at least once throughout the day. I would be a fool to assume I am now perfect because I follow after Christ. Even poor Peter sinned after confessing Christ, and we all know Peter’s role in building of the Church.

    To save yourself some grief (and for your lady friend, too), it may be best to just put this guy aside. Why let the devil frustrate you? Do you think there is anything you can say to this man to help him see the Light? Remember, not everyone will be saved. Not everyone turly understands the Gospel. Not everyone’s heart and eyes function when it comes to understanding GOD’s Word. I’m not saying to take anything lying down. But don’t play into the devil’s hand by kicking against a brick wall…you may end up bruised. If this person was at all receptive, he would humble himself and at least agree to disagree. He wants a fight because that’s what he feeds on. Step away and let GOD lead you in this matter.


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  4. To those who reject struggle and hardship… God is a worker and not a magician. He must expose you to the unpleasant heat if you want to be purified like silver. Silver needs heat to remove the dross. Without any heat, you are confused mass of impure metal.

    Suffering is the mark of a Christian. He tries the righteous. God operates on his terms ONLY and not man’s terms according to the flesh. Even David appreciated his affliction(s). Read the Psalm.

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  5. LaVrai,

    Thanks my friend and I appreciate your counsel. I have been trying to help my friend, but I believe you are correct. It is time to sever this little ‘relationship.” Welcome to Possessing the Treasure.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff


  6. Mike,

    Pentecostals, again. They have received all those gifts that we apparently lack .Yup, fiery darts! I’ve been getting a lot of them myself lately. I had to pray and read passages about praying for my enemies and abusers. Even though I am tempted to shoot back. I am just thankful he goes through others with those darts. It is very difficult isn’t it! Bad fruit . Unloving to a suffering person.


  7. I have just been learning from a very good teacher who taught us about those fiery darts last year. 🙂


  8. Here’s what Kirk Cameron wrote them one time after receiving an email from Paul:


    Your tone is disrespectful and comes off quite arrogant. You judge my motives and that sets you in a camp most won’t listen to. I understand shock value and your desire to be heard. Please consider your tone in the future.

    Your writings are quite long. You’re articulate, but because of your perceived arrogance and demeaning tone, many won’t read. Can you give me the bullet points?

    Are you saying, God’s wrath and punishment upon the unrepentant will ultimately last for only a time, which will result in turning the wayward to Him in repentance and faith for His glory and ultimate fellowship with Him forever (ie. the punishment in the lake of fire will cease because God has accomplished His purpose through it)?

    If that’s it, is the point of evangelism to turn people to Christ so they don’t have to go through that process to end up in fellowship with God in the end?

    Is that your point?

    If your next email is as snarky and crabby as your last one (and I hope it’s not), I will unfortunately not read it.



    It seems that Paul’s ability to not address the issue and attack character isn’t novel to you, MIke.

    Anyone can read the correspondence with Kirk and Paul here.

    Paul, in his first letter says,

    “Consider this: The Lord Jesus rebuked John and James for asking Him about calling down fire from Heaven on those that did not receive Him, telling them that they did not know their own spirits. Jesus said (listen carefully and mark these words well) that He had not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.

    You are not just calling down fire. You are calling people down into fire without end and never-ending torment. How much more do you not know of what spirit you are, Ray, when you teach people that the Lord Jesus will torment them forever in hell-fire if they do not receive Him?”

    Kirk, in his first reply, says,


    I read your letter. Interesting, but I’m not a believer in your doctrines due to what I believe the Scriptures clearly teach. I’ve discussed your letter specifically with some.

    Here’s an article from Matt Slick from Makes sense to me. I’d love to be wrong about an eternal hell, but I can find no biblical reason to deny it (even after reading your letter and viewing your site).

    Thanks for writing.


    “I can find no biblical reason to deny (hell).” This was said by Kirk in a response to Paul’s first letter. This kind of gives one a sense of the mentality Mike’s working with here.


  9. Wow, just wow. I hear these folks and I keep thinking of that church….. Westboro Baptist Church? Isn’t that the cult? They protest everything. Anyway, what really surprised me by their website was how articulate they are. What really scared me was, the one guy’s “Proverbs given by God”. Must be some of that secret knowledge or revelation. All I can say to them is read Romans 2:17-24. Also, I was reading much of their “refutes” of certain important doctrines of historic (ie true) christianity and didn’t know what the MKJV translation is, what is that? I don’t see it on bible gateway. Is it the 21st century KJV?


  10. Lane,

    Thanks brother! Reading those responses from Kirk was quite edifying. What I was amazed at in my own struggle with this person was how deep the spiritual deception is within his ‘attacks.” It is amazing standing outside of this and looking in how clear it is that this man is deep in heresy.

    Thanks again brother!

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff


  11. They claim that God speaks to them directly and gives them a word for another person.( false prophets) Paul claims that Jesus actually came down and showed himself to him. Yes, I do believe they are very deceived.


  12. Here’s a lovely comment written to me via email from Paul Cohen’s cohort, Victor, after I told him that it saddened me that he would stoop so low as to attack Lisa for her illness::

    Why should you be sad that I should stoop down from God’s throne to tell you your sins to deliver you from them? Is it because you prefer to remain in your sins? As to your prayers, they are nowhere near the throne of God. They have no entrance to God, seeing they are abominable to Him. We know this because we are one with Him in the heavenlies, even as He promised…

    Now they are also coming at me because they know that I have Crohn’s disease, and they say that it is God’s wrath being poured out on me. People like this don’t really hurt me at all, because I know how wrong and deluded they are with a sense of their own self-importance.

    However, it does inspire me to pray for them and for anyone who would be deceived into their way of thinking.


  13. Jen,

    I often think of Word of Faith when I hear about those people. They magnify themselves in their own hearts. That is typical of a false Christ. They believe that they are God’s right hand man. You and I are inferior to them in their eyes.


  14. SHEW-WEE!! I go outside for a day and look what happens when I return to read my favorite blog site!! 🙂 Jesus said we will be persecuted and hated because of Him. He’s right. We listened to a sermon by Dr. James Boice today and he said that 95 to 99% of the ‘church’ out there today is arminian and none of them teach or preach it rightly. Almost no real reformed teaching going on anywhere. So I guess we are the 1 to 5% that have the truth. Its getting slimmer all the time out there!! Count ourselves very BLESSED because the Lord has given us the eye salve. Nice article on the ostrich 🙂 Timely too! Brothers and sisters, I think we are in for a rough ride. Hang on, our Dad is in charge!


  15. That was an interesting read, Mike.

    The distiction is crystal clear – you are a wretched sinner saved by unmerited grace, and Paul Cohen is self-righteousness personified.

    We ought to set our hearts to earnest prayer for the soul of that poor, deluded, deceived man.


  16. It’s even worse than I thought.

    If you stroll through Paul Cohen’s website and click on the link “exposing” John Piper as a false teacher you’ll find that Mr. Cohen denies the existence of an eternal hell.

    Uh…can you say heretical apostate?


  17. well…what is there to say?…

    it would seem paul c. is a unie…unie’s have went throught out blog land and the net, under my name, acting like me…

    saying vulgar and nasty stuff….lies and attacks…

    one must be careful to to slip like i did…and followed suit in vengence…striking back in anger …to my shame…


  18. correction
    “one must be careful to to slip like i did”

    that is supposed to be…”not to slip”…


  19. Blessings Mike,
    Appreciated the article on false teacher. Went to their web site and found myself thinking, this kind of false teacher is, or should, fairly easy to discern.

    However it seems that Scripture’s warning is not so much about false teachers like these folks, sort of weird and “out there”; but “in here” among us, wolves in sheep clothing, perhaps elders in Ephesus, etc.

    It seems that one of the marks of a false prophet is their sunny, smooth positive message in the midst of looming judgment. That seems to be the kind the Old Testament prophets faced such as Jeremiah and Ezekiel who identified them as those who preach “Peace, Peace when there is no peace.”

    And the other side of the same coin, a false prophet is a teacher or preacher who never warns of judgment or discusses sin and calls for repentance.

    The enormous tragedy is that the hearers of false prophets relax in the delusion they are OK, and they perish —could say their hearers go to hell feeling good about themselves, with plenty of health and wealth, and after carefully following “the seven steps to victory.”

    We can only weep at such a horrendous consequence. Let it spur us to fully “preach the Word.”


  20. Mike, thanks for sharing. Truly such people are very much deceived. May God stregthen you to fight this battle and continue to run the race, for His name’s sake.


  21. Mike,
    Daniel from Duologus genuinely attempted to communicate with them. He was also a part of the string of e-mails that you started to receive after you left a comment on my blog. They attacked Daniel in the same manner. They are venomous and relentless.
    Jen Elslager and I have been attacked with intense severity by them. Jen and I ended up talking on the phone and encouraging each other to press on. The sadness Jen and I conveyed to one another does not come from their belittling and unbiblical accusations towards us and even our families. It is what they have done to the very Word of God to fit their unrighteous, self-promoting agenda. This grievously is an example of I Timothy 4:1,2
    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your prayers, Mike. Why do you think I came to your site pleading for prayer? I knew I could count on you to fervently bring this before the Lord.
    Thank you and to God alone be the glory.
    Press on in HIS truth and HIS love for HIS glory,


  22. It’s ironical to see the sections “Falsehood Exposed” and “False Teachers Exposed” on that site, really. 😉

    Blessings and Shalom,



  23. Wow, Mike, you sure do draw the kooks! I read their site and as soon as I saw a woman listed first as one of the shepherds the red flag was up. Sorry, I feel that is many times one of the signs. They speak of Calvin but seem to be some mix of theology.

    Since most of the cults and goofy theologies today tend to be Arminian flavored, I must confess I was relieved to see that they are not. I know, the flesh. I love the flowery language this guy uses, I get accused of that as well only with much more grace I hope.

    Reading their testimonies they rely heavily on subjectivism, hearing God’s voice. I was very surprised to see how lightly they treat marriage, and Paul received a release from this guy Victor that he could divorce his wife because it wasn’t God’s will in the first place. They use Old Testament stories to form their own doctrines, right there look out.

    Another one of the ways you can tell false teachers is their lack of grace toward others and their certainty of their own structured positions. Everybody is a charlatan except them. Although they have sinned and they are divorced, they show no mercy or wisdom. You are correct not to engage in a verbal badminton game with people like this because they love it.

    Beside being sad and sometimes shocked by the absolute erudite ignorance of some people, I tend to look at it humorously. It is so “calling earth anyone?” that it doesn’t even provide a reasonable platform for discussion. If anything I am usually called to task for being too liberal in my grace, and then I write about Bell and I am attacked at being too harsh.

    We can be thankful for one thing, this Paul guy provided a great object lesson for your topic! Well, Mike, as a light you sure draw the moths! 🙂


  24. wordsseldomsaid,

    It appears that you have been victimized by them. I pray that God has granted you repentance for your response to them and that you will see that it is a blessed place in the fires of persecution because there we are partakers of our Master’s ministry. The world doesn’t understand this. Be blessed my friend and I pray that God heals you and restores you.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff


  25. Lisa,

    My dear sister in Christ, I pray that you are doing well. Do not let these evil people discourage you. You are safe in the arms of Christ. This is just momentary light affliction. What awaits the faithful in eternity makes all of this worthwhile.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff


  26. I really believe I had a prideful and haughty spirit yesterday. Help me God! That heart sure does need a daily examination.


  27. Mike, excellent post. I especially like this statement:

    “I find it amazing how many ‘Christians’ are sucked into the clutches of false teachers and prophets. Why do they? They do not know their Bibles so they don’t recognize the counterfeit.”

    Never has this been truer than now.

    I don’t normally do this, but yesterday my pastor preached a great message called “Not Being Deceived” that falls in line with this post. You can view it here: (right on the home page).


  28. Mike – I get some just from commenting on your blog. It seems everyone must pick a “team” and stay with it. Well, I have, the team of Jesus Christ.

    A friendly guy on another blog objected to my referencing you. I asked him why and he said he would write about you later. What they do not realize is that you and I disagree on some things and have written about them, however that doesn’t mean we have all the answers or that we should not consider each other genuine brothers in Christ.

    But people like this Paul guy is very decieved and dangerous to people who come in contact with him. There are some issues that must not be compromised and he exhibits a list of those.

    I do not like moths, I like doves much better!


  29. My pride was in my free gift of faith and a tiny bit of knowledge which displays itself around the Christians I know. Some of my relatives were visiting me yesterday and one of them just happens to look down on others (always did) and I am on the defense. This person has always been concerned about the wrong things (clothing, appearances, health, food, material things, money).


  30. Sometimes I wonder if something is wrong with me, because instead of feeling hurt by their vitriol toward me, I actually laugh out loud at it. They’re just so wrong and so dramatic!

    But on a serious note, my concern for the situation is if anyone falls under their deceitful spell and actually believes that they have the secret of life. Most will see through them and want nothing to do with their garbage, but clearly they have duped some into coming to live down at the farm. My heart aches when I read stories of these women who have left their husbands and abandoned their children to follow Victor.

    We must pray that God will open their eyes to His glorious truth.

    Lisa, how ya doin’ today, gal? 🙂


  31. jen – “Most will see through them and want nothing to do with their garbage,”

    Yes, and thank God. But it isn’t these type of harsh and self righteous heretics that we must watch for, it is the seemingly humble, erudite, and appealling ones whose influence is much more pervasive.


  32. Isn’t that the truth. And I was once duped by one of those. Although, over the course of the time I knew him, he changed from seemingly humble and appealing to harsh and self-righteous. So I guess in the end, maybe they’re all that way, whether openly or hidden.


  33. Mike,

    Thank you for all you do in the Lord…day in and day out. Certainly long suffering burns the dross from our hearts to God’s glory, conforming us to His image.

    Keep contending for the Faith, that others may be plucked from the fire.



  34. Rick,

    Unfortunately most of my family believes this garbage by one degree or another. My parents are the only ones that go to a basically good church. Independent Baptists. ( non-reformed) 🙂
    I have an uncle that stopped taking his meds and he attends a Cornerstone ??? ( they get a word from God for another also)
    Their are thousand of people buying in and I don’t know how many different names they come under. Vineyard, River of Life, Cornerstone?? Please, Come back soon Jesus.


  35. jen, We ran into someone like that too. We had red flags up but wanted to be sure we were right before we stepped away from him. The knowledge he has is incredible! I guess they can be ‘crafty’. But the true colors finally showed through.


  36. I have been away almost a whole day, and what do I come back to see? 50 something comments? What do you think this is Mike, a christian blog or something? (tee hee hee)


  37. Jen,

    I was onced seduced by that garbage. I have celiac disease. I was kicked out of a Bible study because I was not miraculously healed. They accused me of not submitting to the Lord, so they told me not to come back. Thank God for that because the Bible study was 40 Days of Purpose.

    God does purpose calamities in our favor. You may feel the bumps and bruises along the way, but in the end you will be better off. People second guessed my salvation every time they found out that I was afflicted. It was horrifying to witness the ignorance in their hearts. But then again, it was very educational.


  38. So true, Josh. And it also keeps us at the throne of the Almighty, amen? That’s why I can even say that I am grateful for my disease. He causes everything to work for the good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

    I truly can’t understand why anyone would question someone’s salvation based on their physical condition. Doesn’t He cause the rain to fall on the just and the unjust? And conversely, didn’t He promise that this world would be full of trouble? I accept my disease as a natural result of a fallen race riddled with sin.


  39. Hello, Mike
    I just took a brief look at Cohen’s website. It seems almost cult-like to me. What is so frightening to me is how “cool and inviting” it seems to be with all of the colors, print styles, background settings, etc. And all of their mugshots give them the appearance of wholesome, well-intended people. Some innocent and immature “in the Lord” person might find this site very attractive and get sucked into the big jar of kool-aid. They certainly seem to have a supremist attitude about their own “knowledge.” They hate you, Mike, because they hate the light and love their darkness. You are a light in a dark place. So please don’t be discouraged by these revilers. Keep your focus on Christ and His Holy Word and keep up the good work on your website. Many are blessed and edified by your hard work, and God is glorified in that. Mr Cohen needs a lot of prayer.


  40. Jen,

    Good for you. You are taking your affliction as a servant. Everything you say is true. You also have a great longing for heaven, don’t you. Affliction (although unpleasant) rewards you with a broken heart, humility, forbearance, and respect for human life. Their is very little room for pride when we struggle to endure unwanted circumstances which are beyond our control. Taking our afflictions without complaint, not striving with God because of it is great gain. He understands our infirmities, he is there with us enduring them, and he is not far off (as some would lead us to believe). Gos is pleased with brokenness ,and those who are of the flesh cannot please him. Affliction is an undesirable, yet effective means of crucifying the “old man” on a daily basis. Because of it, our physical weakness is spiritual gain.


  41. Julie,

    Thanks for the encouragement my sister. I like that analogy of being sucked into the big jar of kook-aid. You are right, it is a trap. Again, thanks for the prayer and encouragement.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff


  42. I wish I could say that I always take it without complaint, but that would be a lie. I do try though. But it is the times of pain that drive you to the foot ot the throne of God. So all in all, it’s good.


  43. Jen,

    Sorry that some take pleasure in making you a target of their reproach. Don’t let it shipwreck your faith. Those who lash out at you and accuse you of rebellion, a lack of faith, or a lack of obedience ….do not know the Lord. Let them be ashamed by their own attacks. God will deal with them accordingly.


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  45. Dear Mike, a month ago I made a comment in one of your postings and then I realized I used arguments other than the core of what I was concerned about, and also I used ’empty terms’ good for debate but void of meaning. There you have the link:

    I still consider that Exodus 20:4 forbids all sort of representation of the Godhead (and that includes the Lord Jesus). I would like to say that while I sought not to have a discussion for the sake of the discussion, I am still concerned by that video. With this I would like to close that comment so that it will not be left unaddressed.


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  48. Hi there

    I know this might sound REALLY WEIRD but I received an email today from Paul Cohen with regards to this thread. I think he has mistaken me for the lady ‘Deborah’ who posted on this site. I don’t even know how he got my email address.

    Anyhow, I emailed him asking him what’s going on and that he has confused me with someone else. Which is funny though, cos I have a blog called Discerning the World so everything in this thread is right up my alley – but still it’s not my ‘argument’ and now I am on someone’s mailing list…*sighs*

    Anyhow, if you are on the same mailing list and see the email address dtwblog at gmail dot com please just remove me when you forward or reply.

    Thanks a million!


  49. Praying for you all…

    This has turned in to an opportunity for me to show my teen boys firsthand what a false-prophet does and how deceptive they truly are. There has actually been far more good from this then I ever thought possible. Truly, it has strengthened my faith and allowed me yet another powerful glimpse of God’s faithfulness and sustaining power.

    The Beatitudes have taken on an even deeper meaning through this time. “…Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me…


  50. I noticed his website was called the path of truth. I have some history here Mike on this that I will share sometime but I will summarize and say I tend to wonder if people who lead with the words truth and obedience early and often are trying to get life out of the “rightness of their beliefs” as opposed to from a deep understanding of the cross and the depravity of all men (religious and irreligious).

    Honesty, I have to believe a lot of insecurity and fear is in place when a person has to lead with and say often the words truth and obedience to another Christian when that Christian is also trying to be obedient and in Gods truth.

    My opinion.


  51. Deborah,
    Hafichuk has left the following comment on a portion of his site about Mike saying it is from you:
    “Just by the by, I emailed Mike and asked him if he really knew what Lisa did? And I subsequently told him my thoughts. He came back to me saying that he agreed and at the time only took Lisa’s word for what had happened – not having read everything in it’s entirity – he too jumped to conclusions. He is very upset with Lisa. He was deceived by Lisa just as everyone else STILL is. He ended up being a ‘pawn’ in Lisa’s nasty game and the consequences of his words and actions will surely haunt him. I have left the FINAL decision as to what he needs to do to rectify this problem in his hands – he can continue to ignore it or fix it. Only time will tell if he truly stands for truth or not. Mike can end this just as easily as it started by rebuking Lisa for her wicked ways, but will he do that? I can only pray he does.”

    I prefer to go to the source and ask if this is all true or has he twisted yours and Mike’s words to fit his agenda as he has done so blatantly with mine?


  52. Lisa,

    It’s not from me. He doesn’t have my email address as I never left him a message and don’t have my own blog. Must be a million Deborah’s out in blog land. I should change my blog name to JustDeb. 🙂 I don’t really care what he says as I don’t listen to false self proclaimed prophets anyway. Lisa I wouldn’t have said those things anyway. Ignore him.


  53. Hey Deborah,
    I know there were two obviously totally different Deborah’s that left comments here. This had been a hard lesson. But many things have been learned from all of this. Including, as I said before, the opportunity to teach my children about false prophets from a firsthand run-in.

    Press on in HIS truth and HIS love for HIS glory,


  54. I can’t believe Hafichuk has fallen so low that he even makes stuff up to prove his false superiority. It is the path of a typical cult leader he is walking, definitely not the path of truth!


  55. Actually, this stuff is not made up – that comment is real – it is just from a different Deborah.

    We are all so blind and quick to jump to conclusions that fit our need. We love stroking ourselves.

    The deception goes both ways here…and all that are deceived think that they are not.

    Woe to us,
    for we all have unclean lips.


  56. Yet I repeat, it is the path of cult he is walking, definitely not the path of truth! No matter how understanding anyone tries to be, it doesn’t change the fact that Hafichuk is a fanatic cult leader.


  57. y’all reading the KJV Bible out there? I just stumbled across this, wow it is amazing! There are so many wrinkles/spots/blemishes in Christianity, it is frightening to think of what is going to happen when JESUS returns in power and Glory to this earth, soon! Even so come Lord JESUS!


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