Rob Bell’s Abstract “Elvis”

I am traveling to visit our daughter and son-in-law this weekend for a baby shower and birthday celebration of my wife’s brother. I should be back online by Monday evening. In the meantime, I have posted some articles that I believe address the terrible condition of the church in our day due to the laxness of spiritual discernment compounded by the prevalence of numerous popular false teachers. Enjoy and be blessed – Mike Ratliff



A Critique of Velvet Elvis

by Bob DeWaay

Rob Bell is a very articulate spokesman for the postmodern theology characterizing the Emergent Church. Having watched two of his videos, I can testify that his communication skills are superb. His book Velvet Elvi is creative and imaginative both in content and layout. But there are serious problems with his theology. I will begin with a description of the basic premise that lies beneath the title of Bell’s book. Then I will discuss several of Bell’s theological claims. Continue reading