Rob Bell, the Pastor’s Task of Discernment, and My Heart

I am traveling to visit our daughter and son-in-law this weekend for a baby shower and birthday celebration of my wife’s brother. I should be back online by Monday evening. In the meantime, I have posted some articles that I believe address the terrible condition of the church in our day due to the laxness of spiritual discernment compounded by the prevalence of numerous popular false teachers. Enjoy and be blessed – Mike Ratliff

By C.J. Mahaney  2/12/2008 2:25:00 PM


Today’s pastor is given the challenging task of discerning error that comes published in hip packaging from Christian publishers, authored by professing Christians.   

So many errors, so little time. 

In executing this responsibility, pastors must discern whether the influence of the individual and the gravity of their error necessitate research and evaluation by a pastor. Today I want to explain one particular concern and give you an inside look at how I approach this difficult task. 

Now, because this short post limits what I can say, I recommend listening to one the finest messages on this topic—Mark Dever’s message from New Attitude 2007 (“Discern Your Doctrine”). Continue reading