The Sovereignty of God

by Mike Ratliff

Not that I had any doubts about the complete sovereignty of God, but when I witnessed the birth of my fearfully and wonderfully made grandson yesterday along with this little boy’s uniqueness and his very strong self-will, the truth of why our salvation must be totally in God’s hands was made crystal clear to me. My daughter and son-in-law deeply desire to be the best parents they can be, but there is a third party involved in how that goes, my grandson. He is already exerting his demands and desires on them as well as his 4 grandparents. God is sovereign. There is not one part of creation that is not under His sovereignty including the self-will of each of us. Our salvation is included in that. Unless God intervenes our lives then none of us will seek after Him or desire to know Him on His terms. The following article is by John Murray enjoy and be blessed my brethren. Continue reading