Christmas Travel

My wife and I are preparing for three separate trips to visit family over the Christmas and New Years holidays. I will probably not be very consistent on posting to Possessing the Treasure during this time. God willing, we will fly home on January 10th and be back in the swing of things on Monday January 12th. 

I pray that your focus this Christmas will be on God not the sentimentality of the season. I pray that your fulfillment will be found in Him alone not in materialism. I pray that your joy will be complete as you mediate on the Gospel and the miracle of your salvation. 

Soli Deo Glora!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Travel

  1. We’ll pray traveling mercys for you. Have a wonderful time with family members. Catch up with you when you return.


  2. MIke,
    My prayers are that you have a safe journey and have a wonderful time. Thankyou for all you have shared this year, It has blessed me.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  3. “I pray that your fulfillment will be found in Him alone not in materialism” Arrg such a terrible time of year for that! We are thinking of not giving presents next year and sending out cards with a charity receipt instead. There was one we found for Easter that gives chickens to poor villagers.


  4. Hi Mike
    Thank you and bless you for all you have shared this year with us all in the blogging world. I trust you will have a wonderful time with your family and safe travelling 🙂
    In the love of Jesus


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