Bucking the media trend on global warming ‘crisis’

Speakers at a conference on climate change are making the case that the alarmism behind the global-warming bandwagon is politically motivated, has nothing to do with science, and could affect the sovereignty of the U.S.

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One thought on “Bucking the media trend on global warming ‘crisis’

  1. I am saddened (and a bit irritated) when fellow Americans believe that globalism is in the best interest of a free republic. King Nimrod…. eh hum err…… I mean Barak Obama answers to the CFR who then answers to D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller did his college work in Fabian socialism, while Barak Obama did his community work teaching courses in social justice, which trickles down from Saul Alinsky. Going back to Rockefeller, the most powerful man in the country (more powerful than the previous presidents even though nobody voted for him), his work in Fabian socialism shines through in Obama. Fabian socialism is a slow non military revolution where a capitalist society makes a gradual change to socialism without bloodshed. Fabian socialism believes that revolutionary change can happen by strategically buying out large corporations, banks, the media, and utilities as a method of usurping and manipulating govts and the people who rely on them.
    In the native tongue where Obama’s father was born, Obama means ‘crooked’ or ‘bent.’ I have a hard time accepting a president whose last name means this. Barak Obama may be a man of change that Rockefeller and the CFR have been so desperately looking for. They see a crisis as a pot of gold. American sovereignty means less power, no tower of Babel, and a blockade to them making a name for themselves (see Genesis 11:4). The global warming tax is just a way for the peasant serfs to finance the construction of an NWO tower of Babel. Tax our breathing and flatulence. What ever happened to that deadly gas called Carbon Monoxide? I guess they needed to tax a gas that makes them more money. Ya think??


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