12 thoughts on “My Secret is Out

  1. What a sweet pic! ‘darling baby boy!
    (hey, that desk is wayyy too neat! LOL!)
    Many blessings.

  2. What a jewel! Isn’t amazing how our grandbabies love keyboards? Looks like he even gave up his pacifier for a time!

  3. Heather, yep, Calvin loves my keyboard. My wife’s, his Nana, keyboard is one of those flat, nearly keyless ones. He is not interested in it, but he really likes mine. Calvin is 6 months old and he most certainly is a jewel.:-)

  4. My granddaughter is 17 months and loves to play on Papa’s keyboard too. You simply cannot deny a grandchild!!!!!!

  5. Heather, my daughter says that my wife and I are the biggest spoilers of Calvin. She told me yesterday that he had me wrapped around his little finger.:-) Well, I just spend time with him. I talk to him and I let him sample things like playing on my keyboard or touching the pear blossoms on the trees in my front yard. I am with him as he experiences these things and I just love watching him react to that stuff. I play games with him like taking him to see himself in the mirror. I put things around him so that if wants them he will have to roll over or whatever to get to them. I talk to him as well and he tries to imitate the movements of my lips and tongue. God created this little person and it is amazing to watch him mature and grow.

  6. Being a grandparent is one of the most wonderful experiences in all of life! When Camdyn was born I cried like a baby; I was moved beyond comprehension. Just watching our little one roll over or say a first word is monumental in scope. And to think, God has no grandchildren…

  7. Heather,

    Being a grandparent for me has been life changing. I don’t get to see Calvin very often since I live and work in the KC area while he and his parents live in the OKC area. I didn’t get to see him for about 6 weeks and I missed him tremendously. My wife goes down there every couple of weeks to help our daughter out with some stuff so she gets to see him quite a bit more. So, I have to cram all of that in in very short periods of time.:-) Yes, it is truly amazing to watch that little person grow and develop and how smart he already is. I have an aunt and uncle who are in the 70’s now who have never had children, by choice. They have no idea how much they have missed. I am very grateful to God that He allowed me to be a parent and now a grandparent.

  8. Hi Mike and family Congrates to you all. He is a cutie. I am thinking that you may have some competition in a few years?:)
    Maybe Calvin’s Treasures??

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