Majoring on the Minors

A few years ago after my wife and I left our old church because it was going Purpose Driven, we visited another church not far from our home. It was a very traditional SBC church. After a few visits the Pastor asked us to have lunch with him and his wife after church services that Sunday. At the restaurant, we had to wait for the pizza so we had time to talk. He informed me that he had been to my blog and he had a lot of questions for me personally. This surprised me. I thought he was going to ask me about why I had such a hard stance on the PDC, but instead, his questions had to do with my understanding of theology and what we as Christians in this world should mainly be about. He wanted to know how I would get along with the other men in that church whose theological understanding was barely past that of a new Christian, et cetera. He told me that in his estimation that I was a thinker and since I was all about discipleship and obedience that some of those men would see me as a bit legalistic even though he knew that was not so. I made the comment that the vast majority of Christians I have ever known were enslaved to their flesh. He nodded in agreement and said that that was why the American Church was in such sad shape. He stated that we were welcome at that church, but I had better get prepared for a bunch of baby Christians who saw themselves as leaders having problems with what I taught. We went back one more time and I found that some others had been to my blog and none of them wanted me to even be in the same building with them. That was the last time we visited there.  Continue reading