2 thoughts on “The False Gospel of Most Evangelical Churches

  1. Thanks Mike. I believe that the problem that we have is that we try to do things in the flesh instead of the Spirit. We desire the matriarchal paradigm (feelings, human relationships ) more than the patriarchal paradigm (thou shall and shall not) Many value the horizontal relationship of Man(flesh) more than the vertical relationship of God. (Spirit). This is the same paradigm shift that was completed in a heresiarchal paradigm (heresy) that Eve experienced in the Garden. God said thou shall not (patriarchal, authority from above). Eve seeing that the tree was good for food (matriarchal , feelings, earthly peace with self, I ought to be able) dialogued with Satan (synthesis), and came to a “I will eat” decision, a heresiarchal paradigm.

    I believe these churches by loving the relationship with Man more than with God are sinning by rejecting the authority (thou shall, shall not) and the sufficiency of the truth of the Scripture. They may not believe they are, but they should know that the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. They better lean on Christ and the Word instead of what they think is right–even feel is right for God’s ways are not our ways and what seems right to man only leads to death.


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