Justification by Faith Alone

by Mike Ratliff

For wee our selues also were in times past vnwise, disobedient, deceiued, seruing the lustes and diuers pleasures, liuing in maliciousnes and enuie, hatefull, and hating one another: But when that bountifulnesse & that loue of God our Sauiour toward man appeared, Not by the woorkes of righteousnesse, which we had done, but according to his mercie he saued vs, by the washing of the newe birth, and the renewing of the holy Ghost, Which he shed on vs aboundantly, through Iesus Christ our Sauiour, That we, being iustified by his grace, should be made heires according to the hope of eternall life. (Titus 3:3-7 Geneva)

The best way to deal with counterfeit “truth” is to exposit the real truth so clearly that there can be no doubt about its veracity and the vileness of the counterfeit. This does two things. God verifies in the hearts of His people His truth and those deceived people who are bound up in their false versions of the truth lay further groundwork in the preparation of their coming judgment. The February Issue of Tabletalk Magazine from Ligonier Ministries focuses primarily on one topic, “What N.T. Wright Really Said.” In these days of growing apostasy, it is quite refreshing to read the solid doctrinal truths from godly men in defense of the Gospel in light of Bishop Wright’s attacks via his New Perspective on Paul. Instead of focusing on personal attacks and attempts at character assassination, the writers of the articles in the series focus on one thing, what N.T. Wright said, and why what he said is unbiblical, and therefore, an attack on Orthodox Christianity and especially the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Continue reading