Warrengate and Where Do We Go From Here?

by Mike Ratliff

I have long appreciated the direct, biblical way Bob DeWaay ministers. With Bob, there are no doubts left as to who is his Lord. Today, I listened to his interview on Crosstalk Radio with Ingrid Schlueter here dealing with what has come to be known as Warrengate. With Bob and Ingrid there is no dancing around the subject. They come directly to the point and it is soon made very clear where Rick Warren really stands where it concerns the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Another favorite radio show of mine is Dr. James White’s “The Dividing Line.” I appreciate that name very much for I believe that is exactly what God is doing right now. He is allowing the filthy and evil, the pretenders if you will, to fill up the cup of His wrath against them as they seem to have been given free reign. On the other hand, there is a very well defined line separating what calls itself Christian, but proves that it isn’t by being on the wrong side of this line while that which is genuine never budges from the solid, biblically defined, side of that line to which only His genuine disciples adhere. Continue reading