The Sower and the Soils

A good friend sent me a link today to a sermon by John MacArthur at T4G 2010. God is so good to His people to provide the right leaders with the right message at the right time for His people. Many of us have been in discussion about the very things he covered very well in his message. One of those things is the growing divide that is becoming more and more apparent seemingly every day between genuine Christianity, that which is Christ based and focused, and man-made, false Christianity, that is man based and focused. The former, orthodox Christianity is made up of regenerate Christians who are in the Kingdom of God by the hand of God, not by any works of man or because of religiosity. On the other hand, the latter is so complex and multifaceted that it defies description yet it has one defining attribute. It is the product of man and his religiosity and his philosophy and his works and his traditions. Continue reading