I Need a Break

It has come to the attention of some that what happened to me at the end of this last summer was some sort of burn-out. This caused the re-occurance of my seizure disorder that had lain dormant since 1976. In any case, if you have read any of my articles you have probably noticed how they have not only grown shorter and shorter over the last several months, they have also grown a lot less complex and with a lot less Greek exegesis, etc. The last time I tried to put together one of those heavily exegetically, really complex articles, when it came time for pull all the points together the anxiety level in my mind was so high that I thought I was going to lose it. There is something very wrong. I think I have hit that threshold. I work in my mind. I work with people who do everything on paper. They do not have this problem I do everything in my mind. I just have too many balls in the air at the same time I guess. I can’t be a Greek student, a DBA, a Grandpa, a good husband, a Dad, a writer, a researcher, a Christian apologist, a high end photographer, et cetera with all of that being juggled and kept in the “air” in my mind any more I suppose. 

In any case, I am taking several days off starting today (April 28th). I will be on a camping trip to Oklahoma and will return Sunday (May 2) late. I will be on vacation through Monday (May 3). I will work Tuesday, go to the doctor on Wednesday and go back to Oklahoma Thursday through Sunday (May 9th). So, I will be offline through May 8th or 9th. We’ll see. Please pray for me during this time.

Soli Deo Gloria!