Are You Walking Circumspectly?

by Mike Ratliff

Folly is a joy to him who lacks sense, but a man of understanding walks straight ahead.  (Proverbs 15:21 ESV)

I have never been to Seminary. My degree is in Business Management and all of my College education and training since has been in Information Management. I work as a Database Administrator for a fairly large hospital group. I’ve been in one form or another of this type of work since 1973 so I’ve been at it quite some time. I’ve seen a lot of change. I’ve also been through many jobs and have had jobs just go away as companies merge with other companies or get bought out by others. The company I work for now is in the process of merging with a company of about equal size. I am still about six or seven years from retirement age and am one of the senior people at our office. Today we learned some of the goals for the merger is to get I.T. costs in line with other companies our size (after the merger). They will accomplish this via attrition, severance packages, outsourcing, et cetera over the next two to four years.

They have hired a manager that is in between me and the manager who hired me 9 years ago who is also my friend. This new guy knows nothing about database management. He knows nothing about how DBAs do their jobs in an integrated way with with system analysts and the rest of the company. It is all I can do some days to keep from walking into his office and telling him to just shut up and mind his own business when he says something stupid about how I work with other people in our group or with other managers. It is on days like that, days like today when it just seems like life is unraveling all around me and there just doesn’t seem to be any point in even trying to do a good job for this company who wants me to put in another 16 hour day yet question my value to their future. It is then that I must turn to my redeemer and get the right perspective. I know that the world’s answer would be to respond totally in the flesh, but that is not the way of the Christian who is walking Circumspectly is it?  Continue reading